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Thank you ALL so much!  The girls couldn't be happier in their new school.  I also feel blessed to have found PS 51!  

:)  Angie

-Parent of Sydney 5th, Brooklyn 3rd, and Raleigh 2nd


As a teacher at PS 51, I can speak to the wonderful work being done to create a rigorous curriculum based on the common core where each child is challenged to grow academically, artistically, and socially. Students are engaged in a multitude of learning strategies to help them enjoy their work while challenging their abilities in order to move them to the next level. They are encouraged and supported in a warm and positive learning environment. Teachers are caring and approachable to their students and work diligently to approach difficult situations head-on with effective behavior management strategies. They differentiate lessons so that high-achieving students are challenged to utilize their talents to the fullest extent and lower-performing students get the appropriate support they deserve to achieve growth. All students train as artists and musicians and develop a multitude of techniques and skills throughout their 6 years at the school. All students study tap, ballet, music theater, and ballroom dancing through our many partnerships, and also participate in many exciting physical education activities during their daily recess period. PS 51 has it all- and now we have it all in a brand new building that our students LOVE and DESERVE! Come and visit our school! Come and join our family of learners!

A Very Happy Teacher... 


I am a parent at 51 and love the school. Everyone is working very hard to make sure each child's needs are met and the math common core presentation for parents understanding was excellent. The arts and music program led by those teachers is simply outstanding. My child is playing 2 instruments, reading music and involved in too many actives. This school and commuinty has grown in excellence every year. The teachers are passionate and there is even a health clinic. What I love about the school is that they are responsive to concerns always and finding ways to improve. This school is strong. They have met every challenge and used it as a chance to grow. I hope more positive strong people will join our "family of learners" back on the west side! PS 51 Rocks! 

—Submitted by a parent