From the Medical Office

From the Medical Office -

This is a test to see if I have finally gotten it right.


It really is in. So stop by, sign a consent, return the consents, let us know you want it for your child.

Also, if your child needs medicine in school ( albuterol, Epi-pen, Benadryl ) you need to sign a 504 MAR ( Medication Administration Form). We have them in the office. Call Vivian and request that one be sent home. We are glad to oblige.

Hope everyone had a good Summer. Looking forward to a great school year.

Ellen Peterson Lauria, CPNP 212 - 369 - 5139

Bellevue/NYU School Based Health Clinic

Ellen Lauria is our wonderful nurse practitioner

Vivian Munoz is our incredible medical assistant

The health clinic is an integral part of P.S. 51. They are there to treat minor cuts and bruises, administer

immunizations, conduct check-ups and available to the P.S. 51 for any medical advise. Stop by and

visit Ellen and Vivian. They are always happy to talk to our parents and do a wonderful job of making

sure our students are well taken care of.


Nancy Sing-Bock

Principal of P.S. 51