Physical Education Curriculum

Mighty Milers

Mighty Milers is a school and community-based program that instills the daily habit of running and/or walking for physical fitness and overall health in elementary and middle school children. Students have the opportunity to run or walk at least 2-5 times a week. Children set goals to run and/or walk 26.2 – 104.8 miles (one to four marathons) over the course of the year and earn incentives for reaching milestones along the way. Classes can earn incentives as well. Mighty Milers is designed to be integrated into the school day.

The Mighty Milers program gives kids the opportunity and encouragement to get moving, release energy constructively, improve their aerobic fitness, set and strive for individual goals, and bond with their class and school/organization on setting and achieving collective goals. It also helps improve attention and behavior in the classroom, improve academic performance and test scores, and help meet the state-mandated physical education standards for total number of physical activity minutes per week. And ultimately, it teaches students the enjoyment, importance and habit of physical activity as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

Students earn a membership card in the beginning, certificates along the way and at each marathon of miles (26.2, 52.4, 78.6 and 104.8) they will receive a special medal. Classes will receive a ‘congratulations!’ poster for accumulating miles at three milestones; 500, 1000 and 2500. Additional incentive packages, which include items such as pencils, stickers and t-shirts can be purchased.

Spotlight on Fitness

West 45th St. as part of its PS Broadway program since 2003. Currently, the school has one room that serves as the gym, the cafeteria, the recreational room, and the auditorium. With no real physical education program, and a population of students whose obesity rates are rising, we saw a need to use our resources to help this school. With the RTKids® state-of-the-art Maravel Arts Center across the street from the school, it seemed obvious to support them with space, artists, and a curriculum that meets the city’s standards for both the arts and physical education.

And thus, Spotlight on Fitness® (SoFit®) was born – a physical education program that will inspire lifelong fitness by providing instruction in tap dance for pre-K through 4th grade. SoFit includes partnerships with both the school-based health care program, which is affiliated with NYU/Bellevue facility and with the NYC Department of Education’s Regional Arts Supervisor and Office of Fitness and Physical Education.