PTA meeting minutes, September 29, 2016

PTA meeting minutes

Sept 29,2016

  The meeting was called to order at 8.25am by SarahIreland (Co-President).

Sarah outlined the PTA’s two main goals for theyear:

1.       Buildcommunity

2.       Raisefunds for programs outside main school funding, e.g. sports and arts.

  The previous PTA meeting minutes were read andapproved.

  Nancy Sing-Bock (Principal) explained the SchoolLeadership Team (SLT); made up of teachers, parents and administrators, the SLTcreates an educational plan for the school and leads on matters such as newcommittees and opportunities for parents to contribute to the enrichment of thePS 51 community.

  Treasurer’sreport: Leslie Hendricks, Co-Treasurer

This year the PTA’s goal is to raise $40,000 forexpenses listed in the budget. The 2016-2017 budget was discussed. Leslieexplained that $20,000 is kept in the bank as a cushion for emergencies andcash flow for the beginning of the year, and is not included as generalspending in the budget.

  Veritas Studio Wines (on 45th St between10th and 11th Aves) donates 10% of sales to the school –just say you’re a PS 51 parent when buying. Purchases around the end of last school year and over the summer raised $299for the school.

  PS 51 PTA has applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit/taxexemption status.  If approved, the PTAwill be able to receive tax-deductible contributions.  The $400 of Office Supplies in September 2016expenses was for 501(c)(3) application costs. Lorena said this should be movedto Fundraising Expenses.

  The budget was approved: 57 in favor, 0 not infavor, 1 abstention.

  Principal’sreport: Nancy Sing-Bock

Nancy outlined the main educational partnerships ofPS 51, e.g. Art Farm, Rosie’s Theater Kids (listed in a handout sent home with kids).

  Throughout September, teachers have been academicallyassessing each student.  Nancy will meet witheach teacher to work out which children need more support or more challenges.  Progress meetings occur four times a year.


Direct Appeal letters (formerly called PTA Dues)will be distributed in backpacks next week. The Direct Appeal asks families to give what they can, with a suggesteddonation of $100 per family; some families give more. Monthly payments can beset up through the PS 51 website.  Checks/cashcan be dropped in the PTA drop box next to the office entrance.  The class that raises the most money inOctober wins a pizza party.  Parents areasked to please include their name, child’s name and class on donations; the formto be included is at the bottom of the letter to go out next week.

  A parent asked if Leslie could post weekly budgetupdates on the school website.

  Class Parents– Alicia Penning (Class Parents Chair)

Class Parents will have three main tasks:

1.       Facilitatecommunications between class and teachers

2.       Coordinateparent volunteers for field trips etc.

3.       Recruitvolunteers for school events.

  This year it has been harder to recruit classparents for the older grades.  Aliciaasked for volunteers for these grades.

  PTAfundraisers 2016/2017

1.       Pictureday – November 4th

2.       ScholasticBook Fair – week of December 5th

3.       SpringCarnival – June 17th.  Thiswill be a block party open to the neighborhood. Local vendors will provide food and there will be games, a bouncycastle, cotton candy, face painting etc. The goal is to raise $13,500.

  A parent asked if the school had consideredfundraising auctions.  Sarah replied thatit had been done in the past and can be a good fundraiser, but the PTA has not heldone for the past few years because it is a tremendous amount of work for thefew people involved.

  A parent asked about having a school dance tofundraise for the school dance classes.

  Sarah said it is great to receive ideas forfundraising and we would love parents to be more involved.  The PTA can hold only three main fundraisers peryear.  If a parent would like to takeownership of a fundraising project for a specific school program, the PTA couldprovide advice and support but could not be directly involved.


Sarah called for volunteers for positions of Co-Secretary,Co-Treasurer and Co-President. 

  Giselle Leon (Parent Coordinator) asked for twoparents to volunteer for the Title 1 committee. Title 1 is federal funding foreconomically disadvantaged children.  ThePrincipal decides where the money goes and the committee votes to decide overtwo meetings.

  Schoolwebsite and social media

Nancy asked parents to like and share PS 51 postson social media.  If the school can gain moreof a social media presence, a corporation may sponsor a school program when thePTA gains non-profit status.

  Sarah Ireland motioned to adjourn the meeting;adjourned at 9.25am.

PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes 6/18/2015

June 18, 2015, PTAgeneral membership meeting – Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:37am by CraigWilliams.

The minutes were read and approved.

The Nominating Committee, led by KatherineConsuelo-Johnson, then presented the nominees for next year’s executiveboard. Shelby Mckay and MartineGren for co-President, Sarah and Jim Ireland for co-vice President, LeslieHendricks and Odette Manzano for co-Treasurer and Chrissy Collinsfor Secretary. Ballots were passed out and then collected. Fernando Pons gavethe results - 42 voted in favor of the new board and none were opposed.

Nancy then gave the Principal’s Report. She thanked the current PTA Executive Boardfor all their hard work and great fundraising. She also thanked the NominatingCommittee for their work in developing a new board. She then thanked theSLT. Chrissy and Sharon have one moreyear. Katherine Consuelo Johnson andCarol Mejia are joining as well as our new co-President, Shelby McKay! Nancy spoke about the Comprehensive Education Planfor the DOE that is due tomorrow. It islike a guide for next year – what our goals are, etc. Only one child received a level 1 thisyear! That child will be attendingsummer school. This summer there will bea Wing Span Arts Camp on the 4th floor of the school building.

Next, Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. She went over the current budget. We decided to update FundPS51 with the totalamount raised by the PTA so everyone can see what a great year we’ve had. Last year $22,000 was raised in total andthis year we so far have raised $37,600! The FundPS51 campaign was a huge success and we doubled our efforts indirect appeal. As far as expenses areconcerned, receipts are still coming in and $17,000 will be given to Nancy for“discretionary funds” for the PE teacher. We then went over the proposed budget. The suggested budget is for $35,000. Shelby noted that only $12,000 is set asidefor the PE teacher and she is right if we want to continue to have this teacherwe will need to adjust the budget next year to raise $5000 more or re-allocatefunds. It was felt that $35,000 wasreasonable and this year’s board didn’t want to pressure next year’s board butnext year the new board can adjust the budget and put it up for vote. This “suggested” budget was approved.

Next, Roz and Craig gave the co-President’sreport. They basically said a big “ThankYou” to everyone for all of their help and support. They couldn’t have done it alone. And we thanked them for their courage andcreativity in finding something new.

We briefly discussed the end of year party to makesure everything was in order.

Nancy announced that Ms. Perez had won the Big AppleTeacher Award!

We set a date for the Transfer Meeting of theExecutive Board. It will be at 8:15am onThursday, 6/25.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:27am.

Some stayed to help Ana with the upcoming VespaRaffleJ

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 6/11/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 6/11/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

Prior to the meeting being called to order it was discussed the need for a“transfer meeting” once the new boards is elected. We will need to do this the week of the 22ndsome time. The meeting was called to order at 8:35am.

Leslie handed out the minutes and they were approved.

Next, Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. First we talked about the proposedbudget for next year. Ana set the budgetfor $35,000 as she felt that was reasonable and could always be increased bythe next board. The $17,000 for the part time Physical Education teacher, whois going to be Mr. Mejia, is coming from money raised this year. This must be paid to Nancy before the end ofthe year and be stated as “discretionary funds for PS 51”. The first change made to the proposed budgetfor the next school year is that Nancy would like to change the expense for“New Perspective Theatre” to “Cultural Performances”. She is looking at optionsof what to fill this spot with. The 2ndchange is that Linda Rosenthal from the State Assembly has decided to fund our“Mindfulness” program so we can re allocate that $2000 to Part time teacher forthe next year. At the raffle for the Vespa, Ana will give the total raised forthe year. It was discussed that we nolonger have a computer lab, but Nancy stated that the library was available toparents and students in the afternoon to parents who need to make use of them. Also, each class has laptops for studentuse. Next year’s budget was approved. Regarding this year’s current P & L, receipts are stillcoming in. Ms. Perez has spent herbudget and her receipts are forthcoming. The majority of the fund raising expenses will show up at the end withthe Vespa raffle. The board, after muchdiscussion, has voted to give an extra $250 to peer mediation and an extra $250to 5th grade graduation. Itwas stated that next year, the PTA will agree on an amount, currently $1000, togive to Nancy for discretionary use for the 5th grade graduationactivities and that no more will be given. There will no discussion about the PTA funding any extra plans or ideasand that if there is not enough money to cover what the 5th gradeparents want to do they will have to raise the money themselves. Roz suggested that we should make a change tothe by-laws creating a limit to what percentage of a PTA budget can go to funda “party” for any one grade. Next we discussed the Year End Celebration on June 19th. Nancy made sure we had a list of parents whowere being recognized for their volunteer activities. Roz wants to get everyone together to shoot areally big “Thank You” shot for the campaign. Chrissy and Leslie are organizing some bubbles and sidewalk chalk forthe kids to play with. Giselle reachedout to the Hot Dog Vendor. For now weare only sure he is bringing water and other beverages, etc. We are gettingresponses back from parents who will bring food and volunteer their time. Giselle suggested the flier for next week’s general membershipmeeting state that she will be doing the raffle for the school survey. Thatshould help get plenty of people there for the vote. A new picture company has been decided on for next year andthe date is set for Friday, November 6, 2015. It is with the Irvin Simon Company and our contact is MichelleCanty. Her email is and hernumber is 800-540-4701 x220. Nancy mentioned we are losing the PTA room and would need torelocate our things. The 3rdKindergarten class is moving in there.We are also getting a PreK center on the 5th floor. We have set a date to celebrate as a board on the evening ofFriday, June 26th! Ana discussed how the raffle for the Vespa would proceed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 with some people stayingto discuss the Vespa raffle.

PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes 5-21-2015

May 21, 2015, PTAgeneral membership meeting – Minutes The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by CraigWilliams. The minutes were read andapproved. Ana Camacho then gave the budget report. We have raised so far this year$32,625.81! Nancy stated this was themost money any PTA had raised so far. Wehave almost reached 50% of our Crowdrise Campaign Goal. The Arts Benefit is on Thursday, May 28thand the money raised at that will be added to our Campaign Goal. Nancy discussed that cluster teachers arefunded by PTA’s and that if we could reach our goal we could hire a part-timePhysical Education teacher. Also, thelarger a school is the more funds it would receive and even though we are inthis new building we have not expanded all that much. City Knoll is vacatingthe 5th Floor and we had to fight hard to make sure another charterschool (which lowers our attendance) doesn’t go in there. The city is going toexpand its universal pre-K program and that is what is going on the 5thfloor, but it will not be a part of our school. PS 51 is personally going to have 3 pre-Ks next year. The 9th Ave. Street Fair did raisea little money, but perhaps more importantly it raised awareness of how greatour school is and that we are here! Andnow we also own a lovely canopy and an electric generator. A parent asked if there are other fairs. Ana stated that another parent had mentionedthe 44th St. fair, but this one is more like a flea market and ifyou are not selling anything it is not really the right venue. Next was the Principal’s report. Nancy said there is a lot going on andeveryone should have gotten a schedule for their specific grade about all ofthe activities. Both in reading and maththe students are learning to reflect on what they’ve learned. The 4th grade science test istoday. We will receive the results ofthe State Tests in June. Our newChancellor has changed it so the results of these tests are not the sum totalof each child. The teacher also does aportfolio of their work and promotion is also strongly based on that. For students who receive a level 1 (belowgrade level) or level 2 (approaching grade level) the teacher can present thisportfolio which will be considered in the final decision regarding promotion. Achild may still go to summer school where again at the end of that a portfoliowill be created to see if the child is promoted to the next grade level. Cathy added that children with IEPs have amodified criteria for promotion that is specific to each child/IEP. Nancy spoke about pre-K parents and the HomeLanguage Survey. Ms. Chapman is there tohelp guide parents through this process so that kids that are not ESL don’t endup mandated for ESL, which can be very hard to get removed. Nancy spoke aboutthe Parental Engagement and the Talent Show and how wonderful a night itwas. Monday is Professional Developmentwhere the teachers and staff work to improve their own skills. Nancy spoke about how having a good commandof oral language leads to better writing. Next Roz gave the President’s report. She gave a big thank you to everyone who hashelped this year. We are in the homestretch of our campaign. As a last effort they would like to do a thank youcampaign with the kids - thanking people for giving and also saying it’s nottoo late! She sent out an email thatpeople could copy and paste to do the same thing. She mentioned you could do thethank you video with your own child. Next was Health & Safety. Cathy Myers-Jusko mentioned it’s important tokeep things locked! Also we have a punchlist of things that still need to be accomplished. Turner was the contractorwho built our new school and they still have not completed the job. Turner washired by the School Construction Authority. We are still fighting for hardware– Nancy doesn’t have a master key – and we have not been handed the certificateof occupancy. On another note, the school nurse has given the BMIreport and there is a serious concern regarding the kids being overweight,especially in the older grades. A parenttalked about how kids outside the city got P.E. every day. Hence, our desperate need for a physicaleducation teacher! Maria does actuallydo a fitness gram every year for the kids and the results of that are comingout soon. Next, we voted for the 2 open spaces for SLT. Chrissy and Sharon have one more year. ThePTA president is automatically a member so Shelby McKay is likely to bethat person when Craig leaves. We neededtwo more. Katherine Consuelo Johnsonwas the only nominee from last month’s meeting who was present and CarolMejia also agreed to fill a spot. Weheld a vote and 25 (all) voted in favor. Roz mentioned the Arts Benefit is on 5/28 and theEnd of Year Celebration with Vespa Raffle is June 19th. Next the nominating committee (just Katherine waspresent) presented the interested parties for the PTA Board vote which willtake place on June 18th. Therewas much movement but eventually we had Shelby McKay and Martina Grenfor co-Presidents, Martharis Berroa for VP, Chrissy Collins forSecretary and Leslie Hendricks and Annette Calderon forco-Treasurer. Others may step up but this is what we have for now. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 5/14/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 5/14/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:34am.

Leslie handed out the minutes and they were approved.

Next, Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. The numbers are great! Regardingthe part-time physical education teacher is was discussed that perhaps we couldcontinue to raise money until we can afford it rather than spend any extra wehave on something else. In other words,we will earmark it for the 2016-2017 year if not next year. Nancy mentionedthat in hiring a teacher the money has to be funneled through an organizationso it is a little more complicated. Shewill look into what is needed. Next onher wish list after a phys-ed teacher would be a part-time foreign languageteacher. Nancy also mentioned that this year’s PTA has raised more money thanany PTA so far. Thanks to Craig and Rozfor their bold plan! The teacher/staff luncheon was a huge success. We went a little over on the actual budget but not really over what wehad allowed ourselves. We have bought agenerator and canopy for the street fair, so we will always have this for thefuture. Craig bought new tables so wenow have 6 tables that work. The Bannerthat was provided for the Vespa was a little smaller than we expected so wewill jazz it up with some balloons. We looked at creating next year’s budget. In terms of income we are removing the movie night, snack sales and thespring carnival. In the fall we will have Box Tops, Direct Appeal, Picture Dayand Book Fair. After the New Year we will continue box tops and direct appealefforts. In the spring we will have the FamilyConcert and whatever Major fundraising campaign the PTA chooses to do. Withtesting, Talent Show and Year End activities this is enough to focus on. We arenot really changing the expenses except Nancy would like to add something call“Mindfulness”. It helps with focus and she was considering it for the 1stand 2nd grade. This expense would be around $2000. We can move numbers around to fit thisin. Especially considering Story Pirateswill not be as much because it will not be holding a balance from this year.

Next we discussed the Year End Celebration. Leslie Hendricks and Chrissy Collins will co-chair. The date for this is June 19th. We changed the time to 4:30 – 7:00 becauseNancy has another event she must attend that evening. She will need to leave around 5:30pm. Nancy will do acknowledgments of volunteers at5pm and the raffle will be at 6:30.

The Art Benefit is handled by the school. We are providing our cash register for use.

We went back to the Street Fair which is this coming weekend. We decided against the spinning wheel becauseit is too expensive to do it properly. Ana Camacho discussed table set up andfliers. We will have fliers about theschool in a strong effort to generate enrollment. There will be two people at the booth - oneto talk and one to run the cash register. We also need kids to give out bottles of bubbles. We need more volunteers! Giselle will help Ana with this. There willbe a video running showing all the great things about the school. The school is open on the weekend so set upand breakdown people can get in and out. The meeting was adjourned at 9:20am.

PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes - 4/30/2015

April 30, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes Themeeting was called to order by Craig Williams at 8:35am. Rozand Craig as 5th grade parents provided donuts! The minutes were handed out to be read andthen approved. Next,Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. We have reached the original goal ofraising $30,000 in total for theyear. Yay! She then presented the updated budget whichis for $45,000 based on our continuing goals for the fundps51 campaign. We have purchased a computer and for freewere able to upload the software for the budget so this can be passed down tofuture treasurers of our PTA. We also purchased a cash register so collectingmoney and giving receipts at various events will be easier. The biggest difference in the updated budgetis that IF we reach our goal of $30,000 with the fundps51 campaign we willemploy a Physical Education teacher for nextyear. We voted and 22 were in favor of approving the updated budget for this year and none opposed. Next month a budget will be developed andapproved for the 2015-2016 school year. NancySing Bock had not yet arrived so we then did the President’s Report. Roz said and big thank you to everyone’s hardwork. She stated that Nancy said we haveraised more money than any PTA so far. The fundps51 campaign has raised $12,521 so far and we are not doneyet. She showed how to share thefundps51 page with your social network and asked everyone to continue to dothat. The important thing is to keep thehype going. Elaine Keating was able toget a real story about our school and campaign printed in the W42nd StMagazine! A page was added to the schoolwebsite all about the different funding efforts and also the Vespa and therules/legalize regarding it. The testingis done so now we are working on the next push for the campaign. It will be Mother’s Day week, May 4-8. They are using Meer Cat and Periscope, whichare phone apps, to live stream kids talking about the school and thecampaign. Teachers are volunteering andfliers will go out to get people to tune in at a specific time. Nextwe spoke about SLT. We needed to nominate at least two parents tobe on this committee. It is a two yearcommitment and they meet once a month. KatherineConsuelo Johnson spoke about it. Shehas done it in the past and agreed to be nominated again along with Olivera Batrovic and Tonia Davis. The elections will be heldat the May Meeting. Nextup was the formation of the NominatingCommittee. This is a one monthcommitment to create nominees for the next PTA Executive Board. KatherineConsuelo Johnson, Fernando Pons and Olivera Batrovic agreed to be on thiscommittee. They will meet with Giselle after to set a date to meet next week.At the May meeting the nominees will be presented and the vote will be held inJune. Theteacher/staff appreciation lunch is May 7th and Ana Camacho saidthey are all set for that.
TheTalent Show is May 13th and volunteers are need to facilitate theevening- tickets and such. Ana Camacho,Shelby McKay, Connor McKay (alumni), Chrissy Collins and Olivera Batrovicagreed to help. The9th Avenue Food Fair is the weekend of May 16th and 17th. A sign-up sheet was passed around tovolunteer for time slots to be at the booth. We need to purchase a canopy ($100) and rent an electric generator($150) to run the computer, etc. We have a life size banner of the Vespa andwill promote with giveaways of the Family Concert DVD. This is a great opportunity for people in thecommunity to hear about our school and to contribute to our cause/enter theraffle for the Vespa. It was suggestedto bring our kids to show their talents and also to have some sort of “Spin theWheel” game. Nancythen arrived from a breakfast where she spoke to a large group of principalsthis morning. She thanked the PTA andparents for their hard work. She also talked about the testing being complete. Shementioned that May 13th is a full day, not a half day, ofschool. On that same day there will beParental Engagement from 4:30-5:30 and then the Talent Show from5:30-7:30. Auditions for the Talent Showare tomorrow morning first thing. Therewill be three PreK classes next year – we are not sure how many Kindergartensyet – and 2 of each of the other grades. Several teachers are on Maternityleave and will not be returning. It is complicated because they are allowed afive year extension and their place must be held for them. There will likely bea 5th grade graduation meeting next year.
TheArt Benefit is May 28th and volunteers will be needed for that aswell. Lastly,Ana explained the Vespa thank you raffle process. The DVD manufacturing, postage and envelopescost will be donated by the company she works for! We will build a raffledatabase starting May 1st and each donor will receive the DVD andthank you postcard. An email will be sent to each donor about their entry inraffle, with raffle details attached. The deadline to enter the raffle is June 17th at 11:59pm. Themeeting was adjourned at 9:45am.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 4-16-2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 4/16/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe Ana Camacho discussed signing up for the 9th Ave. Food Fair. Itis May 16th and 17th. We must have a permit from theHuman Resource Administration/Dept. of Social Services in order to solicitfunds. Roz will be downtown today and will try to visit the office at 180 WaterSt. and see if she can get the process started. Ana Camacho is handling theapplication for the booth which is separate from the permit to solicit funds.The PTA needs also to get a tax id. Orfind out if we already have one…Nancy stated she had a $500 check from the taxicompany to go to the campaign! There is going to be a drop box installeddownstairs so people can donate cash. The meeting was then officially called to order at 8:35am. Nancy stated that every year we have done ateacher/staff appreciation and this recognition day is coming up May 5th. It is in the budget for $1500 but needs to beplanned by the PTA. Nancy said we couldalso discuss this Monday at the SLT meeting. We need to organize help for theplanning of this day. Usually, it is a lunch. Everyone read the minutes to themselves and they were approved. Ana Camacho then gave the Treasurer’s report. She discussed the latest budget which has changed to reflect our goalsand is strictly for THIS year. We added $1,125 for Kid’s Project. It is unsure whether we will reach ourgoal. This causes the hiring of the PhysicalEducation teacher to be pending for next year. We cannot make a profit, but we can allocate our funds to be used forsomething specific for the next year. Roz wants to know what expenses we areactually committed to - what do we actually need to raise to cover absoluteexpenses – not the things we added for justification. Ana feels we can see where we end up at theend of the year and then make some decisions. Craig felt that we should atleast leave the fund with what we started, which is $23,000. We started to gothrough committed expenses. Nancy statedthat the school has already spent its budget and now has a $650 expense forFollett Renewal – the software the library uses to check out books. We decidedwe would cover it. The Vespa – Ana Camacho said we need to be very clear about the rules regardingthe raffle. First, we need to be clear with the owner of the Vespa that wedon’t pay him unless we meet our goal and are actually giving the Vespa away. This Vespa and extras will cost us max around$5000. We need to have an agreement in writing so we are not stuck if we don’tmake our goal. Roz will contact him. On the other hand the people whocontribute need to understand they are donating to our campaign and will have aCHANCE to win IF we reach our goal. Roz wants the campaign to continue until weget to the $30,000. Ana Camacho feels wemust have a deadline. Everyone feels itshould be the end of the school year. Ana says we must have a date and a disclaimer stating that the Vespawill not be raffled unless we reach our goal……Craig wants to know if there is a“secret” number that we could reach and still give the Vespa away….We set theVespa goal aside and continued to go over committed expenses and the deadlinesfor them…Ana C. feels that we should get a laptop instead of a cash register.Yuko’s credit card is currently set up to get charged for the annual webhosting fee. This needs to getfixed. Nancy stated that the Talent Showis moving to May 13th from 5:30-7:30. This is a half day forParental Engagement already. The Art benefit is now May 28th from6-8pm. Ana stated we are committed to $24,000 and we have raised $20,000. Inreality we are ok……fundps51 has currently raised $8911. We discussed includingthe $2000 raised for the Music Jam in the $30,000. Then we decrease our fundps51 goal to$28,000. The campaign will continue until the end of the year. It was decided that so long as we meet ourabsolute commitments and can also cover the cost of the Vespa we are good andcan give it away. If we don’t make it then it will mean less money is left overfor next year. We decided no matter what we are giving the Vespa away. We willgive it away at the end of the year party. We decided this would be on Friday June 19th. Now we canofficially say we are giving away the Vespa. We can ask parents to sell raffletickets. Roz stated the language used is important - that it is given as athank you for donating to our fundraiser. Nancy stated we must get volunteersfor all of these events – talent show, street fair, art benefit and end ofyear. How do we increase donations? We will have the Vespa Banner at the streetfair. Ana said 500 DVD’s will be readyin May. Roz wants to do a one week, every day live broadcast. Mother’s Day week, May 4th-8th on the roof. A few minutesevery day - include every classroom. Fund PS 51 live! May 7th from 11am – 1pm is teacher/staff appreciation day – AnaMaria is going to chair this event – salads and wraps. May 13th 5:30 – 7:30pm - Talent Show May 16th-17th – 9th Ave. Fair – all day – canuse school tax id May 28th from 6-8pm - Art Benefit June 19th from 5-7pm – Year End Party and Vespa Raffle – we willhave a committee meeting We must form a nominating committee. If they want to be on the PTA they cannotbe on the committee. Names were considered that could be on the committee andalso on the PTA. Ana stated we also needa budget committee. Craig feels that our current PTA can act as a budget committee.It was decided no budget committee. Meeting was adjourned.

General Membership Meeting Minutes 3-26-215

March 26, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order by Craig Williams at 8:30am. Aspecial guest was introduced - Mr. Fernando Pons, one of our Title OneRepresentatives. Theminutes were not read aloud but handed out to be read and they were approved. NextAna Camacho gave the Treasurer’s Report. She announced that we have changed thebudget to reflect our $30,000 goal for the fundps51 campaign. With the extramoney one of the things we propose is to add a part time Phys-Ed teacher. Alsoanother suggestion is to have a cash register. This will make all transactionseasier and more transparent and in general better for record keeping. A parent asked if we could set it up toreceive payments by credit card. Ana and Craig said we are considering allthese possibilities as we look at our options. Ana stated that we did reach our$2000 goal with the family concert which is wonderful. Nancy thanked everyonewho helped make the concert happen. It is a great idea to do this annually tokick off our major campaigns. Ana stated that we will be making a DVD of theconcert to use as a giveaway gift along with a raffle ticket for theVespa. Nancy stated we have raised over$5000 so far! We also increased the artand music department’s budgets. We will be voting on this budget at the Aprilmeeting. Nancy stated that Jennifer Greenblatt will be present at the nextmeeting as well and we need to form a nominating committee for next year’sPTA. In May we have to have an electionfor next year. Still only 30% have contributed to Direct Appeal. A parent notedthat this will probably be affected by fundps51 campaign at this point. It wasreiterated that the direct appeal is for parents to give and the campaign isfor all extended family, friends and community. A parent asked about Kindergarten graduation. Nancy stated that the PTAwill help with that as well. Kindergarten graduation is June 19th. PreK is June 15th Fifth gradegraduation is June 23rd. Ms.Polanco said the cost for Kindergarten graduation is $30 and includes a stuffedanimal and a t-shirt. Nancy stated a letter would be forthcoming regarding allgraduation activities. Ms.Perez, our art teacher and semifinalist for the Big Apple Teacher award, spokeabout the rally tomorrow morning. She also mentioned there was a rally onSaturday, March 28th by Cuomo’s office, but most importantly our ownschool is having one tomorrow morning right outside of the school. The purposeis to save our schools from Cuomo’s budget cuts and other proposals. Also,there is a sample letter that you can follow and send to the Governor’soffice. He is mandated to open and readevery letter. Key points were discussed. Mostly, new proposals that affectteacher’s probation periods and evaluation procedures that will make it veryhard for new teacher’s to stick it out and also takes all control away fromeach school to have any say in its own teachers’ evaluations. He is also tryingto raise the charter school cap which is detrimental to regular zoned public schools.It could leave a dangerous vacancy in our school especially because City Knollwill be leaving after this year. Cathy Myers Jusko asked everyone to encourageneighborhood people to enroll in PS 51. The biggest thing is that the amount ofmoney that could be withheld specifically from PS51 is $172,000 – while this isin mediation. If this budget goes through it will not be granted at all. Pleasecome to the rally tomorrow at 7:30am!
Nancygave the President’s Report. TheSaturdays for test prep are going very well. Parents for kids in grade 3-5 willreceive booklets to have during the break. The first day is multiple choicemath, etc. The 2nd and 3rd days are alot of writing. She feels the kids willbe as prepared as they can be. Ms. Myers Jusko stated that no electronicdevices are allowed in the room during the test. Nancy then discussed the manycelebratory activities and partnerships that will be going on in all gradesover the next couple of months. FernandoPons then spoke about Title One. Giselle reminded everyone what Title One wasand that we are School wide. Parent Money is 1% - ours is $1404. Fernando said have two options: Two workshops, or one workshop and onecultural trip. He and Iris Springer came up with a list of workshops and trips tochoose from. The workshops are for parents not kids. A vote was held first todecide if we wanted 2 workshops or 1 workshop and a trip. It was decided that we would have twoworkshops with a vote of 17 to 4. Next a vote was held to choose which 2 workshops. You could vote for as many as you like. AngerManagement – 8 votes. Improving StudySkills – 17 votes. Saying No to Children– 9 votes. Improving Human Relations –16 votes. Time Management Strategies –10 votes. Improving Study Skills and HumanRelations will be the 2 workshops. Craigagain asked that everyone please forward the emails regarding fundps51 andstated that he had received $1200 from just his circle. Themeeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes - 3/19/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 3/19/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:30am. An Agenda and Minutes were handed out by Leslie prior to herdeparture.
We did have an introduction! Jack’s Dad, Joseph Krushner, was introduced. Heis the gentleman who is donating the Vespa for the raffle for the Go Fund Mecampaign. He told us about his business and how he started. He suggested wecould customize the Vespa with the collaboration of an artist or somebodyfamous to make it unique and more valuable. He suggested we plan a trip to Vespa Brooklyn and get some childreninvolved in the process with a workshop that shows them the different areas ofthe business in a more fun way of learning and to get them excited for theVespa. Then explained how he gives away the bike. He doesn’t really give itaway. We that the cost we are paying for the Vespa is between 35% to 40% of thepurchase value for him because they can buy inventory from other dealershipsthat go out of business to use it for charity or sponsorship. It may be last year’s model, but he gives away $1000of accessories such as a helmet, etc. Itis the slowest speed available and you must have a license for the bike. We mayend up paying up to $4000 for the Vespa. We discussed aboutdifferent colors for Vespa and their impact, how they change every year, howthey customized it for big events like pink for the breast cancer awarenesscampaign, etc. We decided to participate (if we can) in the 9th Ave foodfestival in May with a huge banner or real size cardboard Vespa to promote thefundPS51 campaign. He asked us to think about the color we would like sohe can look for what is available based on our preference. He asked PS51Facebook to like Vespa Brooklyn Facebook. He will provide bannersand help support the school as best he can. Ana Camacho stated that we have already raised $886 for theFamily Concert. We are launching the Go Fund Me Campaign at the FamilyConcert this Friday, March 20th. At the end of the meeting - Craig, Wendy, Ana Maria and AnaCamacho were still present – it was decided that we HAVE to give the $1000already approved and voted for in the budget for the graduation ceremony. Ana Camacho has spoken with a lot of parentsthis week and they have expressed their disappointment that the ceremony wouldonly be a cake, and that it was understood that all funds for graduation wouldhave to be covered by parents and by the talent show. Besides the cap & gown issue, ourcommitment with 5th grade was to cover ballroom dance (for thatspecifically we have been asking for $80). The PTA budgeted $1000 for theceremony. Parents were upset when theylearned the PTA was not giving that money. It was decided that no matter how the 5th grade parentsdecided to use the $1000 that we would give it. If we want to take it out itwould need to be voted on at a general meeting. The meeting was adjourned.

PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes - 2-26-15

February 26, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order by Craig Williams at 8:30am. The minutes were readby Leslie Hendricks and accepted.

AnaCamacho gave the Treasurer’s report. We’vealmost reached our Direct Appeal goal. Anawent over graphs to show that even though we have almost reached our goal, somany families have still not given. What would happen if everyone gave? We needto express how the money is providing so much for our children. We have notreceived extra Picture Day funds as of yet. The expenses on the budget are pretty self-explanatory. The majority of them come up at the end ofthe year. We discussed that Nancy had specificallyreached out to 5th grade parents to contribute or else ballroomdancing may be dropped. Also, it wasdiscussed that the PTA may not need to contribute to graduation as 5thgrade parents will directly fund it along with help from the school and theTalent Show.

CathyMyers-Jusko gave the Principal’s report as Ms. Sing Bock is in Vietnam! Shediscussed that the State Tests will be in April. Third through fifth grade promotion no longerdepends only on a student’s state test scores. The teacher can speak to classroom work. Although it is still beneficial to do well on the test. If you have anyquestions you can write to Ms. Myers.

Nextwas co-President’s report. We arelaunching the “Go Fund Me” page mid-March! Our direct mailing list has 231 emailsand our Facebook page has 88 likes. Weare getting retweeted. Someone noticed the “Donate” button on the web site wasmissing. It is now back! We are still in the process of developinggood will with stories like “How to make your kid happy and successful”, etc. Roz asked each person to give 10 emailaddresses to any PTA member as soon as possible so we can grow our mailinglist. We are raffling of the Vespa aspart of the campaign. Every $20 getsyour name put in once. We must raise atleast $20,000 for the Vespa to be given. Roz showed a rehearsal from her commercials class with students. Theywere taping a commercial for PS 51. We are really gearing up for this campaignand nothing is more important!

Wethen discussed the Family Concert which is a music “Jam Night” to be on March20th. Ticket sales gostraight to budget as there are no expenses in putting the show on. Professional musicians are volunteering theirtime. We will have food at 6pm and theshow will start at 6:30 followed by raffles.

Weare still expecting one more check for the retake Picture Day.

Themeeting was adjourned at 9:10.PTA

Special Executive Board Meeting - 3-24-15 - Minutes

Special ExecutiveBoard Meeting Minutes for 3/24/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:00am. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the budget. Craigand Roz Williams, Ana Camacho, Odette Manzano, Leslie Hendricks, Wendy Turner,Ana Maria Aquino and Nancy Sing-Bock were present. Ana Camacho has beenapproached by many parents regarding the amount of money we are hoping to raisewith the Crowdrise Campaign, why we changed it, and what we are planning to dowith that money. Parents were also wondering if they could get a chance to wina Vespa from money already given for the direct appeal. It was decided that no, this was a separatecampaign and in order to enter the raffle they only need to give another$25. Also the direct appeal is gearedtoward parents and this campaign is extending to family and friends and thecommunity. Nancy suggested that if we are approached by parents weshould ask them to write their questions down and let them know they will beanswered at the next general PTA meeting. The bigger issue is that if we plan to raise $30,000 for theCrowdrise campaign instead of the original $12,000 we need to adjust the budgetaccordingly and the expenses must balance according to the by-laws. It was first decided that we would removeMovie Night, Snack Sales and Spring Carnival from our Income as these eventsare not going to occur or were run already by the school. Also the Historical Society cost us $2700less than expected. Then, we discussed how we might like to spend the extramoney. Of course budgets change so we may have to revisit this if the campaigndoesn’t raise the set goal. New expenses to be placed on the wish list are asfollows: 1. A cash register for the school - $2000 2. More money for art / Ms. Perez - $2000 total 3. More money for music / Ms. Traxler - $4000 total 4. A part-time physical education teacher 5. A part-time language teacher 6. Party Celebration - $500 7. Teachers’ Assistants Ana will create list and Nancy will help fill inamounts. Ana will create a new budget tobe voted on at the next general membership meeting.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes - 2/12/15

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 2/12/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:35am. The minutes were read by Leslie Hendricks and approved.
Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. Direct Appeal was discussed. Nancy stated thatevery family should pay their PTA dues. She had sent a separate letter herself to the 5th gradeparents stating that ballroom dancing could get cut if they do not contribute.She’s asking for $80 per parent. We made $1358.28 on Picture Day. An extra check should be coming from retakeand graduation photo day. We have a credit with Scholastic that willexpire. Leslie agreed to draft an emailthat Giselle could distribute to teachers asking what books they would like sowe can place an order with our credit. This credit should be removed from thebudget for classroom books. Once we getan invoice for the musicians for the 5th grade, and make payment, wecan close the budget for Rosie’s Kids. We had some expenses paid for the music department and for officesupplies as well.
Our list of subscribers for Mail Chimp is up to 227. A smallgroup of families don’t have email at all. Our Facebook page is getting likes as we begin to build good will. Stories are posted on Facebook as well asbeing sent through Mail Chimp. Giselle is also forwarding Mail Chimp emails toentire parent list. Ms. Miller stopped by to discuss PTA contribution for 5thgrade graduation…she is waiting to send a letter to parents after we discusswhat we will contribute. The expensesbreak down as follows: $4284 – Ranch $2000 – Buses $1530 – Yearbook $1581 – Caps & Gowns $3000 – Party Total - $12,395…..The Talent Show and the school will contribute $3000. Thisleaves $9395. If the letter is sent outas currently drafted and all parents respond then that should raise $9180,leaving only $215 for the PTA to contribute. It was decided that we would take this course and possible relieve thePTA of a major contribution. Also, thereis a mandatory meeting for 5th Grade Parents on March 10thwhen this will be discussed. Maybe theycould do without caps and gowns??? Wewill review in April. Nancy gave the Principal’s Report. All parents are being met with regardingstudents who need help in 3rd through 5th grades. Ms. Goldberg is helping with reading and Ms.Ramsey is helping with math twice a week, during school, in small groups for 3rdand 4th graders. 5thgraders who need it will go to a Saturday Academy for 5 Saturdays starting2/28. Next Roz was up with GOFUNDME. We needed to set the budget for the GOFUNDMEcampaign. We decided $100 for theFacebook Ad for now. We decided to pay the $22 for the Facebook app that allowsFacebook to capture emails from people who give. This app also givesdemographic aid. It was decided we wouldnot do stickers but would spend $100 on buttons and also $100 on Fliers withVista Print. We decided not to do aTwitter ad at this time. We are on boardwith the Vespa. Our goal is now$30,000. Any person who gives $20 willget entered in to the raffle for the Vespa. Their name will be entered for each $20 they give. The Family Concert is March 20th from 6-8pm. Ana C. is planning the concert during thewinter break. We decided tickets wouldbe $8 for adults and $5 for kids. We areexpecting 300 people. Having Nachos inlobby from 6-6:30. Show at 6:30- shouldend around 7:30. SLT meeting is February 23rd. Meeting adjourned at 9:45

Special Meeting 3-11-15 - Minutes

March 11, 2015Special meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order at 5:35pm.

Nancybriefly discussed cell phone policy. Students may bring them but they must be turned off. They are only for use after school to contacttheir parents, etc.

AnaCamacho briefly discussed the budget. We have received more direct appealcontributions. 73 families have nowcontributed. 5th gradeparents who contribute will be directly contributing to ballroom dancing. A 5th parent communicated that 5thgrade parents were a little upset because they thought ballroom dancing waspromised from the year before. Nancystated that it was but it cannot continue if 5th grade parents, eventhough their children are leaving, do not contribute. Ana clarified that 5th gradeparents do not need to contribute twice.

Rozthen spoke about the Go Fund Me campaign which was the main focus of themeeting. She said the content is workingbut now it is time to start asking for money. She showed the kids “pitch” video. The campaign is now live! The webaddress where you can donate is Roz asked that everyone present go to theirsmart phones, go to Facebook and like the PS 51 page and share it with all oftheir friends and ask them to like it as well. Also she asked for at least 3 email addresses from everyone present forour actual mailing list. After theFamily Concert a mailing will go out regarding the launch of the campaign.

Parentsdiscussed other fund raising possibilities. A spaghetti dinner was suggested and it was stated that food sales areagainst PTA fund raising by-laws. Candysales were also proposed. Our boardstated that we had considered this but decided not to because the companieskept so much of the money. It wassuggested that these were great ideas to consider for next year but that rightnow we all needed to get behind this Go Fund Me campaign, because if this isthe success we hope it will be then we’ll be all setJ

Itwas proposed that whichever family brought in the most money could receive aprize and it was noted that when you donate you can put a memo in the “comment”section stating which child you are donating for.

Theofficial launch for the campaign is March 20th – the day of theFamily Concert! A parent suggested using You Tube as a way of getting the wordout there as well.

Anaspoke briefly about the concert and asked everyone to come and tell everyonethey know about it as well.

Themeeting was adjourned.

Special Meeting 2/5/15 - Minutes

February 5, 2015Special meeting – Minutes

Thismeeting was basically for the purpose of getting as many parents involved andunderstanding what is needed for the “Go Fund Me” campaign as possible. Class parents were present as well as PTAexecutive board members and faculty members. Roz did an awesome presentation of the Go Fund Me Campaign. We are launching in March. We MUST get people to notice and see ourschool and understand why they should give money to PS 51. It was decided out goal would be$30,000. We decided not to hire aprofessional, but that we would pay for Facebook and Twitter capabilities. Rozdiscussed adding in the incentive of the “Vespa” raffle. The owner needs to get a least $20,000 forit. It was decided we could ask $20 tojoin the raffle. Nancy mentioned that ifpeople give $100 they could receive a cd and a t-shirt, etc. Elaine Clark with ING Financial who hasalready supported the school so much may be able to help with prizes. Committees were set up. They are as follows:

  1. Content Creation: Roz and CraigWilliams
  2. Corporate Committee: Ana LorenaCamacho and Xavier Mantilla
  3. Paper Committee: Ana Maria Aquino, Yenny (Alex’s Mom), Marina(Luna Garcia’s Mom), Vincent, and Chrissy Collins said she would help withdistribution of fliers.
  4. Instagram: Shani Perez, Katie Traxler, Sarah Ireland andIris Springer
  5. Facebook: Chrissy Collins, Leslie Hendricks
  6. Twitter: Lucy, Katie Traxler and Elaine

Itwas discussed that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter could overlap. Everything must have #discoverps51 Thelink is Mustget everyone’s email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sothat we can follow people. Roz askedthat everyone go to PS 51’s Facebook page and “like” us on Facebook. Also, she asked that everyone text at leastone person and ask them to sign up. Roz will send everyone here presentation byemail and give passwords. Ana Lorenamentioned getting on mailing lists which at some point someone may take thaton.

Gisellediscussed class parents helping with direct appeal. Getting every family tocontribute in some way. Iris stated that publishing parties might be a greattime to reach parents and that maybe we should plan a publishing party daysoon!

AnaLorena said she already has set up committees for the family concert and thatBox Tops is finishing up on February 10th and to give all you can.

PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes - 1/15/15

January 15, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:34am. The minutes were read byLeslie Hendricks and accepted. A parent mentioned they had not received theflier about Spirit Fridays so it seems not everyone got the flier. Roz thankedCarlos for the amazing breakfast sandwiches and 1st grade parents ingeneral for providing.

Avote was held for the second Title 1 Representative. 23 people voted and Iris Springer waselected. No one opposed. Tonia Davis had been willing to serve if Iris had notbeen present.

AnaCamacho gave the Treasurer’s report. We’veraised $160 more in Direct Appeal. 46out of 283 families have contributed which is only 14%. Sarah Ireland, aparent, mentioned we needed to network through the class parent system. It was decided we would set up a meeting withthe class parents. Sarah Ireland andStefanie Frese are willing to facilitate. We raised $1,171 through theScholastic Book Fair. We could raisemore if we could find someone to help set up the school as tax exempt. Box Tops will conclude in February. We have been invoiced and will pay $500 fortap shoes this month.

NancySing Bock gave the Principal’s report. New! Lily in the office will be helping Gisellewith Parent CoordinatorJ Nancy talked about the QualityReview that took place on December 12th from 7:30am-5:00pm – all inone day. New teachers will have mentorsfor the first year. The parents of children not getting promoted will receive aletter by February 13th. Ms.Goldberg has been working with students on their reading and Ms. Ramsey hasbeen working with students on their math twice a week during the school day insmall groups. Parent/Teacher conferences and report cards will be taking placein March. On January 22ndthere will be meeting regarding lateness and attendance. Certain families were invited to come to thismeeting to discuss the issue with a gentleman named Ken from the DOE. OnTuesday there will be a math workshop for parents after school for K-5. This is to help parents understand how mathis being taught so we can more easily help with homework. Movie Night is coming up on Friday, January23rd from 5:30-7:30pm. Third, fourth and fifth grade clubs areWednesday afternoons – there is sewing, crafts, French, commercials, basketballand tennis. There are also bi-monthly defibrillatorclasses.

Nextwas co-President’s report. We arelaunching “Go Fund Me”. We must reach our goal of 12,000!!! Roz talked aboutthe blog and stories that were written – the Science teacher’s story andLeslie’s story about Lily. We need helpwith tweeting, posting and editing. Weneed a name for the campaign – “#what”?? Some ideas were given. “#discoverPS51”was chosen. Great words were thrown out – PS 51 rocks, joys, soars, just do it,empower – we need more stories for the blog- tell the stories in your ownlanguage.

Cellphone policy was discussed. It must bein the backpack and turned off.

January30th is Photo retake and graduation photos day.

Reminderabout movie and pizza January 23rd!

Themeeting was adjourned.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes - 1/8/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 1/8/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:45am. The minutes were read by Leslie Hendricks and approved. Roz thought we had discussed a date for theGo Fund Me campaign to roll but we had not set a firm date within the month ofFebruary at our last meeting. Ana Camacho was not present at the meeting so we skipped theTreasurer’s Report. We did (Craig, Rozand Leslie) vote to take cash instead of Scholastic Dollars for the book fair. We also skipped the Principal’s Report as we wanted to focuson the Go Fund Me campaign. Roz stated only 49 people are on the email list so far. Itwas discussed the Parents are not understanding that this email list isseparate and they must sign up for it separately. Giselle having their email address is notenough. How do we get the content outthere otherwise? Also, Roz is not gettingthe content she needs for the web site. So, it was decided we would createcontent with the people present at the meeting. We can reach more people if we can create more stories. Roz was very inspirational! She had us brainstorm about howwe want our readers to “feel” when they read our postings. What do we want them to know is special aboutPS 51? We came up with words like“inspired”, “joy”, “touched”, “connected”, “hopeful” and “empowered”. This prompted Leslie who told her story abouthow her daughter ended up at PS 51. Itwas decided we would record the story later and Leslie would also provide awritten version later that day. Craigand Roz also told stories. This was avery helpful exercise and it was discussed that doing this sort of workshopwith some other parents and teachers would be very helpful in creatingcontent. We are starting to figure out thesteps! Roz wants to post weekly andshare weekly.
It was discussed that Facebook charges to do a “Click andPlay” and we considered the possibility of paying for this. It was not decidedat this time. Nancy wants to invitespecific parents to help create content. Parents with great stories like “Why I chose PS 51 instead of SuccessAcademy for my child.” Nancy alsothought that the kids in 3rd, 4th and 5thgrade could make their own pitch videos under the umbrella of“enrichment”. Parents of those childrenwould need to sign off. We still need a specific timeline for the Go Fund Mecampaign. Family Night is Friday, January 23rd. We can grab parents then for content. The meeting was adjourned.

December 11, 2014 PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2014PTA general meeting – Minutes Themeeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:25am. The minutes were presented by Roz and accepted. Avote was held for Title 1 Representatives. 25 people voted and Fernando Pon was elected. Iris Springer is the otherparent to be elected for Title 1 but she did not attend the meeting. AnaCamacho gave the Treasurer’s report. $250 is needed for musicians for the Family Concert. Nancyannounced that we have a new expense with Rosie’s Kids. They have always been completely free to us,but they have asked us to contribute $500 for new tap shoes. The money wastaken from the Peer mediation budget. Nancygave the Principal’s report. Nancy announced that PS 51was recognized as an outstanding school by the Blackboard Awards. They are meeting with the chancellor to berecognized for our arts programs. Thereis also a school quality review on Friday the 12th. Nancylet everyone know that Ms. Meyers’ husband is not doing well and to please giveher a hug. Nancy announced thatattendance has been a problem. Familiestaking extended vacations are causing our absentee statistics to rise. An attendance reviewer will be meeting withthose families in January. Christmasbreak begins December 23rd and we are back to school January 5th. December 19th is the Christmasconcert. Nextwas the President’s Report. Roz andCraig thanked the Photo Day committee and volunteers for the Photo Day. It was a big challenge but we were able toschedule a 2nd day. Also theythanked the Book Fair Committee. BookFair Family Night was a great success. Nextwas the School Health and Safety Update. Vice Principal Myers is the chair ofthe committee and has been for 15 years! There have been drills forlockdown. Flu shots and Health updateare good. People are using the healthservice. This year pre-k students did not have to get the flu shot, but nextyear all pre-k students will have to have one or they cannot attend. Parentsmust carry IDs at all times. You may be asked to show id to enter the school.Parents expressed their concerns about the crossing guard’s absences. TheSchool Leadership team gave an update. They talked about the qualityreview. Our CEP goals are asfollows: 1. To improve math discussionamong students. 2.To increase parent engagement by 10%. There are many ways to feel welcome. Workshops are on Tuesdays. There are health chats, you can volunteer,participate in Family Fridays. Guidedreading workshop is one in particular. We will be able to see this in action in January. 3.1st through 3rd grade students who are reading on the 2level will increase 2 levels by June- common core. Nextwere committee reports. The Photo DayCap & Gown and retake date is January 30th. Therewill be a Go Fund Me campaign meeting with Nancy – “What do you love about PS51?” Nancy discussed community service. Thereis something called “The Golden Project”. Two students spoke to the group. They are collecting canned food andtaking the donations to the Food Pantry at St. Clements Church. Nancy wouldlike to send books and donations to a school in Mexico City. TheFamily Concert is on April 2nd. Ana Camacho updates that themusicians are already lined up. We needto get the word out. The concert is really to introduce the community to theschool – an artistic introduction to the community. T-shirtorder is due tomorrow. Starting nextweek the student council has announced every Friday will be Spirit Day. Roz played the video of Nancy’s speech from Blackboard Awards. Nancyintroduced students from the Golden Project. Whichever class raises the most money wins a prize. The project benefits the homeless. Themeeting was then adjourned.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 12-4-2014

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 12/4/2014 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:45am. The minutes were read by Leslie Hendricks. Ana Camacho had one correction regarding thedate for the Holiday Concert which is to be on December 19th, notDecember 9th. The minuteswere then approved. Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s Report. She took $400 out of peer mediation to add toRosie’s theatre so that we would have the necessary funds for tap shoes andmusicians. This should still leave enough funds in peer mediation as Nancy saidthe only other expense for that would be end-of-year gifts. Nancy asked howmuch was in the bank. Ana stated that our current balance is $26,431.17. This should cover all our expenses for thisyear. (Note: This balance includes what we have so far raised through DirectAppeal for this year so must continue to consider reaching our fund raisinggoals for this year so to have enough to begin the next school year with). So far only 47 families have contributed todirect appeal. It was decided that atthe Book Fair Family Night we would set up a PTA table to invite people to thenext day’s PTA meeting and also get emails for the blog. We want as manyparents to be there as possible so we can again stress how important the directappeal is and how the gofundme campaign will work. Next, Nancy gave the Principal’s Report. She stated that the school is currentlygetting ready for its first Quality Review in five years. She stated this was avery intense process. They look atcurriculum, teacher effectiveness, whether high expectations were articulated,parent engagement, etc. For example ourschool had been using the TERC Mathematics Method. It was decided it was not rigorous enough sothey have been doing ECAM centers in the classroom for the lower grades toraise the effectiveness of mathematics preparation. The upper grades are doing Engage NY. The Quality Reviewer will want to know WHYthe school is making certain decisions. The Quality Review is taking place on Friday December 12th. It is an all-day affair which will alsoinclude speaking with parents. Ms. Goldberg has been very involved in theprocess as well. They will talk aboutgoals. Some of our goals are:Conversation – this year for Math they goal is to get students to talk togetheron how to solve problems. It wasdiscovered that the kids don’t really have the vocabulary so they are workingon that. Another goal is reading levels. Another is parent engagement. TheReviewer will also speak with 4 to 6 students. The end result is a report on areas of celebration and areas to work on. Nancy will not be doing a newsletter this month. She will be reaching out regarding theproblem the school is having with chronic absence. There are 80 families that have students withthis issue. It was decided to move on to committee reports. We discussed Photo Day. Roz thanked everyone who had worked on it.The retake day to finish up what we did not get through is tomorrow, Friday12.5. It is also cashier training for the book fair. We discussed scheduling the photo retake daywhich was to begin later in the day. Giselle had sent an email with studentswho still had pictures to take. Thecashier training is set for 9:30am so it shouldn’t conflict with the photoretake. Regarding the book fair. Books are set to arrive tomorrow, 12/5. Ana and Wendy are coming to helpset up room 203 for the book fair. Itwas discussed that we needed to create a schedule for the classes to come tothe book fair during the day. Wendy said she could do that. Roz will make aflier to be backpacked tomorrow along with Leslie’s notice for next week’s PTAgeneral membership meeting. We discussedhaving the teachers make a wish list of books they would like for the classroomso parents can also purchase those on family night. Giselle said she would helpcontact volunteers – she specifically mentioned a parent (Enzo’s Mom) whowanted to get involved. We need parentsto help set up. Ana C. will make a schedule and give it to Marni forvolunteers. Roz suggested we use theclass parents again for their help. Nancy reminded us that Friday, the last dayof the fair, was also Quality Review day and that we should have that just be amakeup day for any students who hadn’t had a chance to buy yet. We let the rest of the agenda go as it could wait to bediscussed at a later date. The meetingwas adjourned at 9:40am.

Minutes for November 13th PTA General Membership Meeting

November 13, 2014 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes Themeeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:30am. There were 25 people in attendance. We discussedand made a motion to replace the auction with the Go Fund Me campaign. A motionwas presented and a vote was taken and passed. The Budget was approved for thischange. AnaCamacho gave the treasurer’s report. Sofar the direct appeal has raised $6250.00. Box Tops has raised $129.30. The breakdown of expenses so far is: Hospitality:$572.48 - NY Historical Society: $230.00- Office Supplies: $89.36 - Web Hosting:$30.34 MusicDepartment: $711.42 - Pay Pal Fees: $15.70 - Story Pirates: $1250.00 Wehave had 14% of families donate so far to the direct appeal. Out of 283 families only 41 have contributed.A new letter will be drafted to be backpacked in the New Year. Ana showed thepostcard that the PTA has made tosend as a Thank You for contributing and stated that if you have not receivedit to check and make sure with her that your contribution was received. Next,Nancy Sing-Bock gave the Principal’s report. She asked that children arewearing weather appropriate clothing as it is getting colder. The NY HistoricalSociety partnership has begun. They comeinto the classroom with an educator and do something in Social Studies that isrelated to something that class is doing currently. They came this week toteach the 4th graders and looked at the American Revolution. Theywill visit each grade. This will help us to adapt to the new common corelearning standards. Also this week, the3rd 4th and 5th grade went to the mathematicsmuseum because of our partnership with Elaine Clark from ING Financial. She funded that as well as the NYC Ballet for3rd Grade and the Teacher’s Writer’s Collaborative for 2ndand 3rd grade. We were recognized for being one of the 6 schoolsthat have stellar art education program. We will be highlighted in the artdirectory. There were two elementary schools chosen and we were one of them! Nancy discussed FamilyNight – how well it went. We will dothis again for Movie Night. The scholastic book fair will also have a familynight on Wednesday, December 10th from 5:30-7:30. Nextwas the President’s Report. It was discussed that every person needs to puttheir email address on the P.S. 51 web site. This will be the mailing list wewill use for fundraising. We need volunteers for writing on our school blog –to write an article with a photo and email to Roz. Roz spoke about parents andstudents contributing to the web site. Craig spoke about the first Family NightVideo which is posted on the web site. Craig mentioned that the purpose of thevideo is to entice our social network to give money to the school. Roz spokemore about the blog – how we are trying to build good will with the community.We started up the day before, Nov. 12th. Also, all minutes are alsoposted on the web site.
TheHealth and Safety has nothing to report. They will update at the next PTAmeeting.
Nextwere committee reports. Marni gave anupdate on Photo Day which is coming up on the 17th. She spoke about scheduling with parents.Marni also discussed the Scholastic Book Fair - December 10th isFamily Night for Scholastic. It wasdiscussed that teachers can make a list and parents can buy books for the classroom. A parent stated that each teacher needs toregister with Scholastic. Ana Camacho stated we can take the money back as cashor books. We have already decided thatwe will take cash from scholastic sales. Wediscussed the Music Concert which is slated to be April 2nd. AnaCamacho is still reaching out to parents to be musicians. It is going well. She stated that Leslie and her husband couldsing. Next,Vice Principal Cathy Myers Jusko gave the Title 1 report. We are a Title 1 school. We are hoping to keep this status as we arein a universal free lunch program. Atone time we were a school with an extremely high poverty rate. We are now at a 60% poverty rate. We hope we keep getting renewed for theuniversal free lunch program each year. If we are reevaluated we are likely to lose our Title 1 status. We are aschool wide program for Title 1. Thismeans all students benefit from the funds. The Title 1 Information Page was reviewed. We do outreach for preschoolto our community preschools. Also wehave a team who is called “teacher academic assistance” who assist with kidswho are struggling. Title 1 has $1400 to use for parent involvement. We need to establish and decide to use thismoney and ask for volunteers. At leasttwo volunteers are needed to represent for Title 1. We can discuss this and vote on it at thenext meeting. If we lose our Title 1 status we would lose 140k for the school. Weno longer have grades as a school. TheChancellor removed this system. We arenow using a different system to pinpoint children’s progress. It is called a “Snapshot”. Itwas discussed that we need to change the date for the next PTA meeting as there is an Evaluation-QualityReview on December 18th. Itwas noted that all school dates can be reviewed online. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Minutes for Executive Board Meeting 11/6/2014

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 11/6/2014 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:42am by Craig. Leslie read the minutes from the previous board meeting and they wereapproved. It was discussed that Lesliewould not be present at the general membership meeting on 11/13 and Roz wouldtake minutes until Marni could get there. Nancy then asked to do the Principal’s Report first so that Ms. Myers couldspeak about Title 1 and then move on. Ms. Myers explained that we are a Title 1 school which means we receivefederal funds. There are two kinds: The first is a School Wide Project Schoolwhich is what we are. This means thateveryone benefits from our Title 1 status. The other is a Targeted AssistanceSchool. This means that the funds are used only for children under the povertylevel who are struggling. P.S. 51 filledout a long application many years ago to attain our Title 1 status. There must be a meeting once a year. Ours will be held directly following theNovember 13th general membership meeting. Two parents every year must be voted for tobe representatives. Theserepresentatives decide how the Title 1 funds are used. Because our funds are school wide any parentcan be at the meeting and become a representative. The representatives choose from variousoptions for workshops at the school. Nancy stated that the school must usecontracted vendors. Giselle spoke aboutlast year’s funds and how they were used – for different workshops, etc. When we became Title 1 we were at a 95%poverty rate. Now we are at 60%. This means we are hovering at the cut off andare close to losing our Title 1 status. We are currently exempt from filling out lunch forms – we currently haveuniversal free meals – and when we are again required to fill these out it willprobably revoke our Title 1 status. Wehave a 30 million dollar budget and Title 1 is 30 to 40k of that budget. Ms.Myers asked that this be added to the agenda for the general membership meetingat the end as the Title 1 meeting is to follow. Nancy also stated the schools are no longer receiving letter grades. Instead they do what is called a “Snapshot”of the year and the school receives a rating of poor, fair, good or excellent. Next Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. She went over the budget – income and expenses. We discussed sending out another DirectAppeal letter. Leslie will draft theletter to show there are two ways to give – i.e. “option A and option B”. Give less if you need or pay ininstallments…..or give more if you can. Nancy feels we should continue saying how many families have given atevery meeting. Currently 40 families have given. Roz asked if Ana could providevisual for keynote at the general membership meeting again. It was determined that we could put the newdirect appeal letter up on the web site now and send a hard copy inJanuary. Nancy also said that in yearspast it had worked well to have a direct appeal table during parent teacherconferences. A schedule was set up fordoing so. Nancy will make a collage andit was suggested to have baked goods and free coffee to draw parents to thetable.
Ana Camacho also mentioned we had not taken care of Thank You cards forfamilies that had already given. Shesaid she would look into Vista Print to get something printed that would beeasy to address and send. Next was the co-Presidents’ report. Rozsaid we need to vote on fundraising at the next meeting. It was decided to put the vote right afterthe minutes so we could definitely accomplish it. Giselle will email class parents of the 3rdgrade to ask for their help in getting breakfast provided. We felt using the class parents to facilitateeach grade providing breakfast would ensure it was actually provided. Roz also noted we should thank them at themeeting. Next Marni talked about photo day. Weare pretty much all set. We will not doa PTA photo. Giselle sent out an emailto get more volunteers. Wendy andGiselle had taken care of the schedule. Marni said she would check with Mike about sibling pictures being in ourcontract and Louise regarding a faculty photo. Anamaria said for her children she had filled out both forms for eachchild, but put the money in one envelope and a note in the other specifying thesibling photo. Giselle said shecurrently had four volunteers and would give the information to Marni. Book Fair is also on target. Odettementioned have a family night when parents could come and purchase book. Odette, Ana Camacho and Leslie agreed to workit. Roz said we needed to make sure withNancy that an evening function would be possible. Nancy said that Wednesday, December 10thwould work and she would talk with security about a permit until 8pm. Next we discussed the gofundme campaign and the web site committee. We need a launch date for the campaign and acommittee for the web site. We need astrong mailing list in order for this to work. Everyone in the school needs to sign up for the mailing list andeventually sign up their social network. The blog on the web site is called “Weekly Wonders”. Teachers and Parents can post. We need to become known and to build goodwill. This should be ongoing. We must establish a presence so when we startasking for money people are incentivized to give it. The posts must be in the body of the emailnot as an attachment. Firstly, we needto get all parents to subscribe to the blog. Some groups within the school already have blogs and Nancy stated weshould consolidate so everyone’s energy is going to this campaign. Nancy asked about T-shirts and it was votedon and decided that the school would handle the making and selling ofT-shirts. The PTA will invest in Buttonswith our logo to give as gifts for donating. Discussions began about how to incentivize people to give and perhapslevels of gifts as thank you’s could be considered.
Giselle said the Holiday Concert will be on December 19th at1:30. Nancy took a photo of the PTABoard and the meeting was adjourned at 10:10am.