minutes for executive board meeting 9-11-14

Executive Board Meeting Minutes for 9/11/2014 at P.S. 51Elias Howe The meeting was called to order at 8:09am by Roz Williamsand seconded by Nancy Sing-Bock. Introductions were made. Thecurrent members are: Craig and Rosalyn Williams: co-Presidents Ana Aquino and Wendy Turner: co-VicePresidents Leslie Hendricks and Marni Corrigan: co-Secretaries Odette Manzano: treasurer (Lucy Liu’schild moved to another school) We were given name tags by Roz – still need plastic sleeve – to be used forsecurity purposes and to let everyone in general know who we are. There was no treasurer’s report. Craigneeds to get into the other space to get Yuko’s book from last year. Craigstated he was going to the bank after the meeting to set himself up as asigner. The other signer is to beOdette, but she will have to go to the bank another time. Ana Camacho was introduced as beinginterested in being a co-Treasurer and an election will be held at the PTAmeeting on September 18th. Nancy stated this need to be on the Agenda for that meeting. Ana Camacho stated her interest in developing a Spanish Club at the school. Leslie asked if it was still possible to have a meeting with JenniferGreenblatt and Giselle said she would call. Nancy opened discussions regarding the Open House/School Night that will be onTuesday, September 16th from 4:30 to 7:30. She said this is City Wide. She stated that help would be need and foodshould be provided. It was discussedthat PTA Funds could be used and Craig would go to Costco to get a plate. We discussed the need for fliers for the upcoming PTA meeting. Roz said she would do this one and then senda template to Leslie for future meetings. Copies of fliers need to go into theteacher’s boxes for backpack distribution. It needs to be in Spanish as well and Nancy suggested doubling up withthe announcement of the Open House on the 16th. We then moved on to Fundraising. Wediscussed not having the Big Apple. Thefirst fundraiser will be Picture Day. Nancy stated someone needed to be the Point Person for each event. We talked about the Scholastic Book Fairbeing in December. Giselle will speak toMaria Lupiano to get the date for the event. It was discussed that we would not do the auction this year. Concerns were brought up about what toreplace it with as it raises a good deal of money. Roz mentioned that the old board had contactsthe new board does not and that most of her and Craig’s contacts wereonline. They suggested on onlinecampaign for raising money – each parent hitting their social network forexample. Wendy Turner passed around apacket with some other fundraising ideas – t-shirt art and a neighborhoodfundraising day. Ana Camacho mentioned“make your own stamp”. Nancy said we canonly have 3 major fundraisers but that other smaller ones could be used to fundspecific departments. For the directappeal Craig discussed really getting out there in front of people’sfaces. Ana Camacho said it might be goodto offer something back. Perhaps we could offer a CD of music from the schoolor a t-shirt in exchange for a donation. Leslie mentioned maybe we could put ona show and Ana Camacho said we could sell food, etc.
The agenda was discussed for the PTA meeting. It was decided that 5th grade parents would providebreakfast. We also need letters for direct appeal to be handed out and backpacked.
The possibility of evening PTA meetings was put out there. It was discussed that there would be an art installation at the “meet theteachers” open house on the 16th.