minutes for PTA general membership 9-18-14

September 18, 2014 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

ThePTA executive members present introduced themselves. Craig went first, thenRoz, Ana Maria, Wendy, Odette and Lorena followed. Craig asked the parents tovote for the co-treasure to be elected, Ana Lorena Camacho is elected. 65parents were presented, 53 voted in favor.

1.Ms. Sing-Bock talks about the school programs happening this year. 2.Ms. Conway introduces a sport program that will run during the recess at theschool and children get to compete around the city. 3.Ms. Myers explains why the lock down was imposed this morning. Apparently 2teachers saw an individual walking inside the school that was never seen beforeand immediately called to action. Later the person was identified as asubstitute teacher going to the second floor classrooms. Then, Ms. Miller andMs. Sing-Bock took a moment to invite all parents to the safety monthly meetingscheduled for the first Tuesday of each month. 4.Ana Lorena explains last's year budget, following the treasurer's reportprepared for the meeting. After this year's projected budget is explained, thefloor is open for questions. Oneparent asks why we are not doing the online auction this year. 5.Roz explains why the idea of directly appealing, why we need to become strongas a community and how we plan to raise the 30k projected for this year. Shesuggests the site “gofundme” to be the main focus of our fundraising efforts bymaking a video (Craig and Roz will produce the video), pledge online and send a"thank you gift" back to donors. Roz ask parents for suggestionsregarding the "thank you gifts". AnaLorena explains why we consider to be more effective the direct appealing andthe "in house fundraising activities" than online actions or candysales. 6.Craig and Roz ask for questions and suggestions for fundraising ideas, a signup list is passed around to ask for volunteers and ideas for the nextmeeting.
7.A head of "the picture day committee" is needed from the executivePTA. Theduty is to form the committee and organize all the tasks needed for pictureday. We need a volunteer now! 8.Craig and Roz will be the head leaders for the "gofundme committee". Theywill form a committee and organize the tasks to start the online pledge ASAP. 9.We start to receive direct appealing envelops today. Thisshould be the procedure to follow. Lorenawill provide a sign-up sheet for every envelope received. Onemember of the executive PTA should be in the school from 8:00 to 8:45 in next 2or 3 weeks, reminding parents about the direct appeal, collecting envelopesfrom parents, teachers, or the secretary's office. Around 8:45 to 9:00 am, thePTA member should contact Craig to coordinate where and when to give him theenvelopes. Craig should keep the envelopes until 2 or 3 PTA members are presentto account for the funds (at least one treasurer has to be present). EnvelopesCANNOT be opened beforehand. Craig CANNOT accept opened envelopes. Once weagreed to meet, funds are deposited immediately by Craig or Odette, and formsare collected by Ana Lorena. A weekly report will be sent to the PTA to discusshow we are doing with the collection, and to analyze if a different approach isneeded to motivate the parents. Weneed to prepare a "thank you letter" to send to the families once adonation is received, acknowledging the amount received. This letter not onlywill served as a thank you but as a controlling tool to ensure no envelope hasbeen lost or forgotten to be accounted for.