PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes 10-16-2014

October 16, 2014 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order by co-President Roz Williams at 8:30am. Leslie Hendricks introduced herself asco-Secretary as she had not been present at the first general membershipmeeting. Leslie then read the minuteswhich were approved. AnaCamacho gave the Treasurer’s report. Shestated that even though Food Sales had been given as an option for Fundraisingwe cannot consider it as it does not meet with regulations forfundraising. Ana explained the budget,showing everything we budget for and also explained the breakdown ofincome. Nancy expressed the importanceof the direct appeal. Ana confirmed,stating how wonderful and important the programs that it funds are. Leslie stated that we would continue tobackpack and that people should consider giving again perhaps in the spring.Ana stated that we had so far raised $5580 for direct appeal which is great,but that the percentage of families that have given is in actuality quitesmall. She said that if every familycould give we could surpass our goal. One parent expressed that it isoverwhelming, the thought of giving $100 dollars. It was reiterated that youcan give whatever you can and that you can set up your own payment plan ofgiving a little every month. It was considered that the direct appeal lettershould perhaps be reformatted to state this very clearly. Ms.Conway spoke to everyone about the Harlem Globe Trotters game on January 3rd. We have already reached our goal of 100tickets but she said she would be able to get more and would give everyone anextra week to turn in money for tickets. NancySing-Bock turned the Principal’s report over to Cathy Myers-Jusko. Ms. Myers gave an update on Safety. She is the chairperson for the School Health& Safety Committee. She stated that we do have a school safety plan whichis written by the safety committee. There are 12 fire drills every year, eight of which are before Dec.1. We are able to evacuate the school infour minutes which is great. There aretwo lockdown drills – there was a soft lockdown on the date of the previous PTAmeeting which turned out to be a substitute teacher. Ms. Myers talked about September beingEmergency Readiness month. Teachers arerequired to train the students how to go through different drills. She gave a handout that will also bebackpacked and asked that parents review the steps with theirchild/children. She expressed that all familiesmust update their emergency contact cards and encouraged all families toregister with “Notify NYC”. Ms.Sing-Bock talked about the teacher evaluation that started last year. All teachers are rated – 60% is observationfrom Ms. Sing-Bock and Ms. Myers. Theschool has 10 “highly effective” teachers. She stated that everyone shouldcross only in the crosswalk – it is very dangerous not to do so. We must recycle better or trash will not bepicked up. Specifically we must recycle better at lunch and suggested trainingfor parents to help at lunchtime. We are receiving citations from sanitation.It will be backpacked that well flu shots are available – the mist option isalso available. She reminded everyonethat breakfast is from 7:45 until 8:10 and that children who eat breakfast athome should arrive by 8:15. Thecafeteria is preparing fresh fruit and vegetables twice a week. She reminded everyone that 4thgrade parents had provided breakfast for the meeting today.
Itwas discussed that Jennifer Greenblatt had been present at our last boardmeeting and said we should update the by-laws. Thebudget was discussed – Direct Appeal was again discussed. We also talked aboutFamily Night which is coming up on October 24th. Five Teachers are running the basketballgame. Marnidiscussed needing volunteers for Picture Day and the Scholastic Book Fair. A sign-up sheet was posted and volunteerswere gained. Picture Day – Annette,Chrissy, Wendy, Oija, Tonia, Sarah, Shona, Demaris and Jiang. Updates go to Steve for November 17th– picture day. Book Fair – Elaine, Ana Camacho (to organize money) and Wendy. BoxTops was mentioned. It was suggested toregister – there are lots of giveaways. Theco-Presidents discussed Go Fund Me. Thisis a way of using your social network to invite them to make onlinedonations. We need a writer, a pressrelease. Ana Camacho stated we needreporters. We also need someone on the web site committee who has good graphicdesign skills. The first step isbuilding a mailing list. We must collectthe emails from parents. Start witheveryone. Maybe have a launch party topremiere the film for the gofundme web site - have a live performance that canbe seen worldwide. We want full disclosure. Roz is letting the parents knowthat she has never raised money before. Wediscussed organizing a music concert – need musicians – maybe April 1? We need to contact parents by backpack. Gisellecollected volunteer information for Family Night. Weneed 20 people to vote on the fundraising. We will vote next meeting.
Themeeting was adjourned at 9:43am.