Executive Board Meeting Minutes for 10/9/2014

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 10/9/2014 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting began at 8:35am. Introductions were made to Jennifer Greenblatt who had attended to help usclarify PTA procedures, rules and regulations.

First we discussed the proper order and content for an agenda. 1. Introductions 2. Reading and approval of minutes 3. Treasurer’s Report 4. Principal’s Report 5. Co-president’s Report 6. Then the rest would follow point by point or under the umbrella of“Committee Reports”

These minutes are the same for the general membership meeting as well. There should be two binders – one for exec.Board and one for general membership. They should contain notices, agendas, minutes and sign in sheets. Leslie Hendricks read the minutes from the last Board meeting. It was asked, “Any additions? – Anydeletions?” and there were none so the minutes were approved – no motionnecessary. Ms. Greenblatt stated that 10days prior to the general membership meeting the notice should go out thatthere is a vacancy to be filled in the executive board. The membership shouldbe asked if the vacancy needs to be filled and then if it is agreed upon thatit should the election can follow. Thiswas in reference to the election of Ana Camacho as co-Treasurer on September18. Ms. Greenblatt also stated that at the end of the year all fund raisers need tobe approved for the next year by the general membership. Roz stated that this had not been done andMs. Greenblatt said we should do it at the next meeting. We need to vote on the fundraisers. Thebudget and the fundraisers need to be voted on separately. Nancy reminded us that we had considered changing the bylaws. Ms. Greenblatt said that any changes could begiven to her to be worked on. They must not conflict with regulations. Any changes that are agreed upon by the boardshould be voted on at the next general meeting with 10 days’ notice given. Rozstated that the reason they had looked into changing the bylaws was that theywere wanting to have a PTA credit card to pay for things so they wouldn’t haveto use a check which many vendors do not accept and also so that no one wouldhave to use their personal card for reimbursement. Ms. Greenblatt suggested asking any vendor ifthey would be willing accept checks in our circumstance. She said a prepaid debit card was notacceptable under the regulations and that the maximum reimbursement pertransaction was $300. She stated theChancellor had created this regulation for the protection of PTA Funds. All payments must be made by check with twosignatures. It was asked if we are a tax exempt organization and it was statedthat we are not. Ms. Greenblatt looked at a hard copy of our bylaws and noticed they were out ofdate. She will update them with the help of co treasurer Ana Camacho. Nancy then gave her Principal’s Report. She is most concerned about two big events that are coming up soon. Thefirst being Family Night on October 24 from 5:30 to 7:30. Ms. Evarts, Ms. Conway and Ms. Traxler areworking on this event. Also there willbe an alumni basketball game against P.S. 51. Giselle showed a flier to be backpacked that day with a tear off forwhat each family might bring for food, etc. Ms. Greenblatt stated it should state that this is a PTA event at thetop. Nancy said someone should talk toSteve about tables and chairs. It wasdecided we could also set up a table for direct appeal. Nancy also spoke aboutthe Harlem Globe Trotters coming to the school on 10/15 for an event speakingout against school bullying. There isalso a game at MSG on 1/3 with the Globe Trotters. Tickets are $15 a piece and we must sell 100tickets as a pre-sale so we can get the tickets.
The second big event coming up in Picture Day. Marni stated she was meeting with Mike Musgrove tomorrow at 10:30 andthen she and Leslie would work on backpacking the information. Nancy stated we needed a schedule for pictureday and Marni stated she would need volunteers. Then next item was the Treasurer’s report. Ana Camacho handed out the budget to be discussed. It was noted that which families had given tothe direct appeal and how much was private information to be viewed only by thepresident and the treasurer. Ms.Greenblatt stated we should maybe ask for more money and then parents wouldpotentially give more. Also, we need tokeep reminding people all year and reminding them what the funds are for. Ana Camacho thought thank you cards would benice and Ms. Greenblatt said they should come from the PTA, that the kidsshouldn’t be involved. Ana stated there were no expenses so far, but things arecoming. We need to push directappeal. So far 36 out of 283 familieshave contributed. Wendy handed out a piechart that another parent had done which gave us a good idea how much wasreceived and spent and on what exactly. It was noted that the Auction was ahuge part of the income last year. Leslie asked what is meant by “OtherIn-house Fundraising”. It was discussedthat we need to be specific about what each and every fundraiser is and how muchwe expect to receive from that fundraiser. Roz and Craig felt the gofundmecampaign could raise more than we have allowed for. It was noted we must list what the othermeans of fundraising are and vote on it at a general membership meeting. For the gofundme campaign Craig and Roz will be producing a video from existingmaterial for dispersal on people’s personal social networks. Ms. Greenblattstated that we should get permission from the parents whose children arepresent in the campaign video. Thereshould be no names on the video as this is a conflict of interest. It wasdiscussed that we needed a timeline for the gofundme campaign and it was statedthat February might be best. We are looking to raise about 20K, or 10K to beconservative. Ms. Greenblatt stated that the total income and total expensesshould be the same number. It was decided we would increase the expenses. Itwas discussed to remove the Asphalt Green Recess Assistant, end of yearexpenses, the PTA Sunshine Fund and other small items from the budget. We willadd an expense for Hospitality – money for food for events – and the New YorkHistorical Society ($100 per class, 14 classes – social studies), etc. We need$1200 for The Story Pirates to be included in this year’s budget. We are very limited on funds this year. Weneed to raise the direct appeal. Also weneed classroom books for classroom library to be purchased from the book fairor Barnes & Noble. It was alsodiscussed that we need to buy our own paper as the school’s supplies arelow. Craig said he would get it. Other items discussed were The Scholastic Book Fair which will be held in room207. We also discussed having a musicalconcert and charging $10 per ticket for parents or $20 for the family. Maybe have cheaper early bird tickets? It was brought up to have a candy barsale. A new budget was discussed for theincome to be voted on at the general membership meeting:

Gofundme – 10K Direct Appeal – 10K Photo Day – 1500 Scholastic Book Fair – 1000 Concert – 2000 Carnival – 1200 Movie Night – 1000
International Food Fair – No sales for Food
We still have some ground to cover

Ana Camacho will revise and send out a new budget. Meeting was adjourned at 10:20am.