Minutes for November 13th PTA General Membership Meeting

November 13, 2014 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes Themeeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:30am. There were 25 people in attendance. We discussedand made a motion to replace the auction with the Go Fund Me campaign. A motionwas presented and a vote was taken and passed. The Budget was approved for thischange. AnaCamacho gave the treasurer’s report. Sofar the direct appeal has raised $6250.00. Box Tops has raised $129.30. The breakdown of expenses so far is: Hospitality:$572.48 - NY Historical Society: $230.00- Office Supplies: $89.36 - Web Hosting:$30.34 MusicDepartment: $711.42 - Pay Pal Fees: $15.70 - Story Pirates: $1250.00 Wehave had 14% of families donate so far to the direct appeal. Out of 283 families only 41 have contributed.A new letter will be drafted to be backpacked in the New Year. Ana showed thepostcard that the PTA has made tosend as a Thank You for contributing and stated that if you have not receivedit to check and make sure with her that your contribution was received. Next,Nancy Sing-Bock gave the Principal’s report. She asked that children arewearing weather appropriate clothing as it is getting colder. The NY HistoricalSociety partnership has begun. They comeinto the classroom with an educator and do something in Social Studies that isrelated to something that class is doing currently. They came this week toteach the 4th graders and looked at the American Revolution. Theywill visit each grade. This will help us to adapt to the new common corelearning standards. Also this week, the3rd 4th and 5th grade went to the mathematicsmuseum because of our partnership with Elaine Clark from ING Financial. She funded that as well as the NYC Ballet for3rd Grade and the Teacher’s Writer’s Collaborative for 2ndand 3rd grade. We were recognized for being one of the 6 schoolsthat have stellar art education program. We will be highlighted in the artdirectory. There were two elementary schools chosen and we were one of them! Nancy discussed FamilyNight – how well it went. We will dothis again for Movie Night. The scholastic book fair will also have a familynight on Wednesday, December 10th from 5:30-7:30. Nextwas the President’s Report. It was discussed that every person needs to puttheir email address on the P.S. 51 web site. This will be the mailing list wewill use for fundraising. We need volunteers for writing on our school blog –to write an article with a photo and email to Roz. Roz spoke about parents andstudents contributing to the web site. Craig spoke about the first Family NightVideo which is posted on the web site. Craig mentioned that the purpose of thevideo is to entice our social network to give money to the school. Roz spokemore about the blog – how we are trying to build good will with the community.We started up the day before, Nov. 12th. Also, all minutes are alsoposted on the web site.
TheHealth and Safety has nothing to report. They will update at the next PTAmeeting.
Nextwere committee reports. Marni gave anupdate on Photo Day which is coming up on the 17th. She spoke about scheduling with parents.Marni also discussed the Scholastic Book Fair - December 10th isFamily Night for Scholastic. It wasdiscussed that teachers can make a list and parents can buy books for the classroom. A parent stated that each teacher needs toregister with Scholastic. Ana Camacho stated we can take the money back as cashor books. We have already decided thatwe will take cash from scholastic sales. Wediscussed the Music Concert which is slated to be April 2nd. AnaCamacho is still reaching out to parents to be musicians. It is going well. She stated that Leslie and her husband couldsing. Next,Vice Principal Cathy Myers Jusko gave the Title 1 report. We are a Title 1 school. We are hoping to keep this status as we arein a universal free lunch program. Atone time we were a school with an extremely high poverty rate. We are now at a 60% poverty rate. We hope we keep getting renewed for theuniversal free lunch program each year. If we are reevaluated we are likely to lose our Title 1 status. We are aschool wide program for Title 1. Thismeans all students benefit from the funds. The Title 1 Information Page was reviewed. We do outreach for preschoolto our community preschools. Also wehave a team who is called “teacher academic assistance” who assist with kidswho are struggling. Title 1 has $1400 to use for parent involvement. We need to establish and decide to use thismoney and ask for volunteers. At leasttwo volunteers are needed to represent for Title 1. We can discuss this and vote on it at thenext meeting. If we lose our Title 1 status we would lose 140k for the school. Weno longer have grades as a school. TheChancellor removed this system. We arenow using a different system to pinpoint children’s progress. It is called a “Snapshot”. Itwas discussed that we need to change the date for the next PTA meeting as there is an Evaluation-QualityReview on December 18th. Itwas noted that all school dates can be reviewed online. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.