Executive Board Meeting Minutes 12-4-2014

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 12/4/2014 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:45am. The minutes were read by Leslie Hendricks. Ana Camacho had one correction regarding thedate for the Holiday Concert which is to be on December 19th, notDecember 9th. The minuteswere then approved. Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s Report. She took $400 out of peer mediation to add toRosie’s theatre so that we would have the necessary funds for tap shoes andmusicians. This should still leave enough funds in peer mediation as Nancy saidthe only other expense for that would be end-of-year gifts. Nancy asked howmuch was in the bank. Ana stated that our current balance is $26,431.17. This should cover all our expenses for thisyear. (Note: This balance includes what we have so far raised through DirectAppeal for this year so must continue to consider reaching our fund raisinggoals for this year so to have enough to begin the next school year with). So far only 47 families have contributed todirect appeal. It was decided that atthe Book Fair Family Night we would set up a PTA table to invite people to thenext day’s PTA meeting and also get emails for the blog. We want as manyparents to be there as possible so we can again stress how important the directappeal is and how the gofundme campaign will work. Next, Nancy gave the Principal’s Report. She stated that the school is currentlygetting ready for its first Quality Review in five years. She stated this was avery intense process. They look atcurriculum, teacher effectiveness, whether high expectations were articulated,parent engagement, etc. For example ourschool had been using the TERC Mathematics Method. It was decided it was not rigorous enough sothey have been doing ECAM centers in the classroom for the lower grades toraise the effectiveness of mathematics preparation. The upper grades are doing Engage NY. The Quality Reviewer will want to know WHYthe school is making certain decisions. The Quality Review is taking place on Friday December 12th. It is an all-day affair which will alsoinclude speaking with parents. Ms. Goldberg has been very involved in theprocess as well. They will talk aboutgoals. Some of our goals are:Conversation – this year for Math they goal is to get students to talk togetheron how to solve problems. It wasdiscovered that the kids don’t really have the vocabulary so they are workingon that. Another goal is reading levels. Another is parent engagement. TheReviewer will also speak with 4 to 6 students. The end result is a report on areas of celebration and areas to work on. Nancy will not be doing a newsletter this month. She will be reaching out regarding theproblem the school is having with chronic absence. There are 80 families that have students withthis issue. It was decided to move on to committee reports. We discussed Photo Day. Roz thanked everyone who had worked on it.The retake day to finish up what we did not get through is tomorrow, Friday12.5. It is also cashier training for the book fair. We discussed scheduling the photo retake daywhich was to begin later in the day. Giselle had sent an email with studentswho still had pictures to take. Thecashier training is set for 9:30am so it shouldn’t conflict with the photoretake. Regarding the book fair. Books are set to arrive tomorrow, 12/5. Ana and Wendy are coming to helpset up room 203 for the book fair. Itwas discussed that we needed to create a schedule for the classes to come tothe book fair during the day. Wendy said she could do that. Roz will make aflier to be backpacked tomorrow along with Leslie’s notice for next week’s PTAgeneral membership meeting. We discussedhaving the teachers make a wish list of books they would like for the classroomso parents can also purchase those on family night. Giselle said she would helpcontact volunteers – she specifically mentioned a parent (Enzo’s Mom) whowanted to get involved. We need parentsto help set up. Ana C. will make a schedule and give it to Marni forvolunteers. Roz suggested we use theclass parents again for their help. Nancy reminded us that Friday, the last dayof the fair, was also Quality Review day and that we should have that just be amakeup day for any students who hadn’t had a chance to buy yet. We let the rest of the agenda go as it could wait to bediscussed at a later date. The meetingwas adjourned at 9:40am.