Executive Board Meeting Minutes - 1/8/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 1/8/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:45am. The minutes were read by Leslie Hendricks and approved. Roz thought we had discussed a date for theGo Fund Me campaign to roll but we had not set a firm date within the month ofFebruary at our last meeting. Ana Camacho was not present at the meeting so we skipped theTreasurer’s Report. We did (Craig, Rozand Leslie) vote to take cash instead of Scholastic Dollars for the book fair. We also skipped the Principal’s Report as we wanted to focuson the Go Fund Me campaign. Roz stated only 49 people are on the email list so far. Itwas discussed the Parents are not understanding that this email list isseparate and they must sign up for it separately. Giselle having their email address is notenough. How do we get the content outthere otherwise? Also, Roz is not gettingthe content she needs for the web site. So, it was decided we would createcontent with the people present at the meeting. We can reach more people if we can create more stories. Roz was very inspirational! She had us brainstorm about howwe want our readers to “feel” when they read our postings. What do we want them to know is special aboutPS 51? We came up with words like“inspired”, “joy”, “touched”, “connected”, “hopeful” and “empowered”. This prompted Leslie who told her story abouthow her daughter ended up at PS 51. Itwas decided we would record the story later and Leslie would also provide awritten version later that day. Craigand Roz also told stories. This was avery helpful exercise and it was discussed that doing this sort of workshopwith some other parents and teachers would be very helpful in creatingcontent. We are starting to figure out thesteps! Roz wants to post weekly andshare weekly.
It was discussed that Facebook charges to do a “Click andPlay” and we considered the possibility of paying for this. It was not decidedat this time. Nancy wants to invitespecific parents to help create content. Parents with great stories like “Why I chose PS 51 instead of SuccessAcademy for my child.” Nancy alsothought that the kids in 3rd, 4th and 5thgrade could make their own pitch videos under the umbrella of“enrichment”. Parents of those childrenwould need to sign off. We still need a specific timeline for the Go Fund Mecampaign. Family Night is Friday, January 23rd. We can grab parents then for content. The meeting was adjourned.