PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes - 1/15/15

January 15, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order by Roz Williams at 8:34am. The minutes were read byLeslie Hendricks and accepted. A parent mentioned they had not received theflier about Spirit Fridays so it seems not everyone got the flier. Roz thankedCarlos for the amazing breakfast sandwiches and 1st grade parents ingeneral for providing.

Avote was held for the second Title 1 Representative. 23 people voted and Iris Springer waselected. No one opposed. Tonia Davis had been willing to serve if Iris had notbeen present.

AnaCamacho gave the Treasurer’s report. We’veraised $160 more in Direct Appeal. 46out of 283 families have contributed which is only 14%. Sarah Ireland, aparent, mentioned we needed to network through the class parent system. It was decided we would set up a meeting withthe class parents. Sarah Ireland andStefanie Frese are willing to facilitate. We raised $1,171 through theScholastic Book Fair. We could raisemore if we could find someone to help set up the school as tax exempt. Box Tops will conclude in February. We have been invoiced and will pay $500 fortap shoes this month.

NancySing Bock gave the Principal’s report. New! Lily in the office will be helping Gisellewith Parent CoordinatorJ Nancy talked about the QualityReview that took place on December 12th from 7:30am-5:00pm – all inone day. New teachers will have mentorsfor the first year. The parents of children not getting promoted will receive aletter by February 13th. Ms.Goldberg has been working with students on their reading and Ms. Ramsey hasbeen working with students on their math twice a week during the school day insmall groups. Parent/Teacher conferences and report cards will be taking placein March. On January 22ndthere will be meeting regarding lateness and attendance. Certain families were invited to come to thismeeting to discuss the issue with a gentleman named Ken from the DOE. OnTuesday there will be a math workshop for parents after school for K-5. This is to help parents understand how mathis being taught so we can more easily help with homework. Movie Night is coming up on Friday, January23rd from 5:30-7:30pm. Third, fourth and fifth grade clubs areWednesday afternoons – there is sewing, crafts, French, commercials, basketballand tennis. There are also bi-monthly defibrillatorclasses.

Nextwas co-President’s report. We arelaunching “Go Fund Me”. We must reach our goal of 12,000!!! Roz talked aboutthe blog and stories that were written – the Science teacher’s story andLeslie’s story about Lily. We need helpwith tweeting, posting and editing. Weneed a name for the campaign – “#what”?? Some ideas were given. “#discoverPS51”was chosen. Great words were thrown out – PS 51 rocks, joys, soars, just do it,empower – we need more stories for the blog- tell the stories in your ownlanguage.

Cellphone policy was discussed. It must bein the backpack and turned off.

January30th is Photo retake and graduation photos day.

Reminderabout movie and pizza January 23rd!

Themeeting was adjourned.