Special Meeting 2/5/15 - Minutes

February 5, 2015Special meeting – Minutes

Thismeeting was basically for the purpose of getting as many parents involved andunderstanding what is needed for the “Go Fund Me” campaign as possible. Class parents were present as well as PTAexecutive board members and faculty members. Roz did an awesome presentation of the Go Fund Me Campaign. We are launching in March. We MUST get people to notice and see ourschool and understand why they should give money to PS 51. It was decided out goal would be$30,000. We decided not to hire aprofessional, but that we would pay for Facebook and Twitter capabilities. Rozdiscussed adding in the incentive of the “Vespa” raffle. The owner needs to get a least $20,000 forit. It was decided we could ask $20 tojoin the raffle. Nancy mentioned that ifpeople give $100 they could receive a cd and a t-shirt, etc. Elaine Clark with ING Financial who hasalready supported the school so much may be able to help with prizes. Committees were set up. They are as follows:

  1. Content Creation: Roz and CraigWilliams
  2. Corporate Committee: Ana LorenaCamacho and Xavier Mantilla
  3. Paper Committee: Ana Maria Aquino, Yenny (Alex’s Mom), Marina(Luna Garcia’s Mom), Vincent, and Chrissy Collins said she would help withdistribution of fliers.
  4. Instagram: Shani Perez, Katie Traxler, Sarah Ireland andIris Springer
  5. Facebook: Chrissy Collins, Leslie Hendricks
  6. Twitter: Lucy, Katie Traxler and Elaine

Itwas discussed that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter could overlap. Everything must have #discoverps51 Thelink is bit.ly/Ptaps51 Mustget everyone’s email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sothat we can follow people. Roz askedthat everyone go to PS 51’s Facebook page and “like” us on Facebook. Also, she asked that everyone text at leastone person and ask them to sign up. Roz will send everyone here presentation byemail and give passwords. Ana Lorenamentioned getting on mailing lists which at some point someone may take thaton.

Gisellediscussed class parents helping with direct appeal. Getting every family tocontribute in some way. Iris stated that publishing parties might be a greattime to reach parents and that maybe we should plan a publishing party daysoon!

AnaLorena said she already has set up committees for the family concert and thatBox Tops is finishing up on February 10th and to give all you can.