Special Meeting 3-11-15 - Minutes

March 11, 2015Special meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order at 5:35pm.

Nancybriefly discussed cell phone policy. Students may bring them but they must be turned off. They are only for use after school to contacttheir parents, etc.

AnaCamacho briefly discussed the budget. We have received more direct appealcontributions. 73 families have nowcontributed. 5th gradeparents who contribute will be directly contributing to ballroom dancing. A 5th parent communicated that 5thgrade parents were a little upset because they thought ballroom dancing waspromised from the year before. Nancystated that it was but it cannot continue if 5th grade parents, eventhough their children are leaving, do not contribute. Ana clarified that 5th gradeparents do not need to contribute twice.

Rozthen spoke about the Go Fund Me campaign which was the main focus of themeeting. She said the content is workingbut now it is time to start asking for money. She showed the kids “pitch” video. The campaign is now live! The webaddress where you can donate is www.gofundme.com/ps51manhattan. Roz asked that everyone present go to theirsmart phones, go to Facebook and like the PS 51 page and share it with all oftheir friends and ask them to like it as well. Also she asked for at least 3 email addresses from everyone present forour actual mailing list. After theFamily Concert a mailing will go out regarding the launch of the campaign.

Parentsdiscussed other fund raising possibilities. A spaghetti dinner was suggested and it was stated that food sales areagainst PTA fund raising by-laws. Candysales were also proposed. Our boardstated that we had considered this but decided not to because the companieskept so much of the money. It wassuggested that these were great ideas to consider for next year but that rightnow we all needed to get behind this Go Fund Me campaign, because if this isthe success we hope it will be then we’ll be all setJ

Itwas proposed that whichever family brought in the most money could receive aprize and it was noted that when you donate you can put a memo in the “comment”section stating which child you are donating for.

Theofficial launch for the campaign is March 20th – the day of theFamily Concert! A parent suggested using You Tube as a way of getting the wordout there as well.

Anaspoke briefly about the concert and asked everyone to come and tell everyonethey know about it as well.

Themeeting was adjourned.