Executive Board Meeting Minutes - 2/12/15

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 2/12/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:35am. The minutes were read by Leslie Hendricks and approved.
Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. Direct Appeal was discussed. Nancy stated thatevery family should pay their PTA dues. She had sent a separate letter herself to the 5th gradeparents stating that ballroom dancing could get cut if they do not contribute.She’s asking for $80 per parent. We made $1358.28 on Picture Day. An extra check should be coming from retakeand graduation photo day. We have a credit with Scholastic that willexpire. Leslie agreed to draft an emailthat Giselle could distribute to teachers asking what books they would like sowe can place an order with our credit. This credit should be removed from thebudget for classroom books. Once we getan invoice for the musicians for the 5th grade, and make payment, wecan close the budget for Rosie’s Kids. We had some expenses paid for the music department and for officesupplies as well.
Our list of subscribers for Mail Chimp is up to 227. A smallgroup of families don’t have email at all. Our Facebook page is getting likes as we begin to build good will. Stories are posted on Facebook as well asbeing sent through Mail Chimp. Giselle is also forwarding Mail Chimp emails toentire parent list. Ms. Miller stopped by to discuss PTA contribution for 5thgrade graduation…she is waiting to send a letter to parents after we discusswhat we will contribute. The expensesbreak down as follows: $4284 – Ranch $2000 – Buses $1530 – Yearbook $1581 – Caps & Gowns $3000 – Party Total - $12,395…..The Talent Show and the school will contribute $3000. Thisleaves $9395. If the letter is sent outas currently drafted and all parents respond then that should raise $9180,leaving only $215 for the PTA to contribute. It was decided that we would take this course and possible relieve thePTA of a major contribution. Also, thereis a mandatory meeting for 5th Grade Parents on March 10thwhen this will be discussed. Maybe theycould do without caps and gowns??? Wewill review in April. Nancy gave the Principal’s Report. All parents are being met with regardingstudents who need help in 3rd through 5th grades. Ms. Goldberg is helping with reading and Ms.Ramsey is helping with math twice a week, during school, in small groups for 3rdand 4th graders. 5thgraders who need it will go to a Saturday Academy for 5 Saturdays starting2/28. Next Roz was up with GOFUNDME. We needed to set the budget for the GOFUNDMEcampaign. We decided $100 for theFacebook Ad for now. We decided to pay the $22 for the Facebook app that allowsFacebook to capture emails from people who give. This app also givesdemographic aid. It was decided we wouldnot do stickers but would spend $100 on buttons and also $100 on Fliers withVista Print. We decided not to do aTwitter ad at this time. We are on boardwith the Vespa. Our goal is now$30,000. Any person who gives $20 willget entered in to the raffle for the Vespa. Their name will be entered for each $20 they give. The Family Concert is March 20th from 6-8pm. Ana C. is planning the concert during thewinter break. We decided tickets wouldbe $8 for adults and $5 for kids. We areexpecting 300 people. Having Nachos inlobby from 6-6:30. Show at 6:30- shouldend around 7:30. SLT meeting is February 23rd. Meeting adjourned at 9:45