PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes - 2-26-15

February 26, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes

Themeeting was called to order by Craig Williams at 8:30am. The minutes were readby Leslie Hendricks and accepted.

AnaCamacho gave the Treasurer’s report. We’vealmost reached our Direct Appeal goal. Anawent over graphs to show that even though we have almost reached our goal, somany families have still not given. What would happen if everyone gave? We needto express how the money is providing so much for our children. We have notreceived extra Picture Day funds as of yet. The expenses on the budget are pretty self-explanatory. The majority of them come up at the end ofthe year. We discussed that Nancy had specificallyreached out to 5th grade parents to contribute or else ballroomdancing may be dropped. Also, it wasdiscussed that the PTA may not need to contribute to graduation as 5thgrade parents will directly fund it along with help from the school and theTalent Show.

CathyMyers-Jusko gave the Principal’s report as Ms. Sing Bock is in Vietnam! Shediscussed that the State Tests will be in April. Third through fifth grade promotion no longerdepends only on a student’s state test scores. The teacher can speak to classroom work. Although it is still beneficial to do well on the test. If you have anyquestions you can write to Ms. Myers.

Nextwas co-President’s report. We arelaunching the “Go Fund Me” page mid-March! Our direct mailing list has 231 emailsand our Facebook page has 88 likes. Weare getting retweeted. Someone noticed the “Donate” button on the web site wasmissing. It is now back! We are still in the process of developinggood will with stories like “How to make your kid happy and successful”, etc. Roz asked each person to give 10 emailaddresses to any PTA member as soon as possible so we can grow our mailinglist. We are raffling of the Vespa aspart of the campaign. Every $20 getsyour name put in once. We must raise atleast $20,000 for the Vespa to be given. Roz showed a rehearsal from her commercials class with students. Theywere taping a commercial for PS 51. We are really gearing up for this campaignand nothing is more important!

Wethen discussed the Family Concert which is a music “Jam Night” to be on March20th. Ticket sales gostraight to budget as there are no expenses in putting the show on. Professional musicians are volunteering theirtime. We will have food at 6pm and theshow will start at 6:30 followed by raffles.

Weare still expecting one more check for the retake Picture Day.

Themeeting was adjourned at 9:10.PTA