Special Executive Board Meeting - 3-24-15 - Minutes

Special ExecutiveBoard Meeting Minutes for 3/24/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:00am. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the budget. Craigand Roz Williams, Ana Camacho, Odette Manzano, Leslie Hendricks, Wendy Turner,Ana Maria Aquino and Nancy Sing-Bock were present. Ana Camacho has beenapproached by many parents regarding the amount of money we are hoping to raisewith the Crowdrise Campaign, why we changed it, and what we are planning to dowith that money. Parents were also wondering if they could get a chance to wina Vespa from money already given for the direct appeal. It was decided that no, this was a separatecampaign and in order to enter the raffle they only need to give another$25. Also the direct appeal is gearedtoward parents and this campaign is extending to family and friends and thecommunity. Nancy suggested that if we are approached by parents weshould ask them to write their questions down and let them know they will beanswered at the next general PTA meeting. The bigger issue is that if we plan to raise $30,000 for theCrowdrise campaign instead of the original $12,000 we need to adjust the budgetaccordingly and the expenses must balance according to the by-laws. It was first decided that we would removeMovie Night, Snack Sales and Spring Carnival from our Income as these eventsare not going to occur or were run already by the school. Also the Historical Society cost us $2700less than expected. Then, we discussed how we might like to spend the extramoney. Of course budgets change so we may have to revisit this if the campaigndoesn’t raise the set goal. New expenses to be placed on the wish list are asfollows: 1. A cash register for the school - $2000 2. More money for art / Ms. Perez - $2000 total 3. More money for music / Ms. Traxler - $4000 total 4. A part-time physical education teacher 5. A part-time language teacher 6. Party Celebration - $500 7. Teachers’ Assistants Ana will create list and Nancy will help fill inamounts. Ana will create a new budget tobe voted on at the next general membership meeting.