Executive Board Meeting Minutes - 3/19/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 3/19/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:30am. An Agenda and Minutes were handed out by Leslie prior to herdeparture.
We did have an introduction! Jack’s Dad, Joseph Krushner, was introduced. Heis the gentleman who is donating the Vespa for the raffle for the Go Fund Mecampaign. He told us about his business and how he started. He suggested wecould customize the Vespa with the collaboration of an artist or somebodyfamous to make it unique and more valuable. He suggested we plan a trip to Vespa Brooklyn and get some childreninvolved in the process with a workshop that shows them the different areas ofthe business in a more fun way of learning and to get them excited for theVespa. Then explained how he gives away the bike. He doesn’t really give itaway. We that the cost we are paying for the Vespa is between 35% to 40% of thepurchase value for him because they can buy inventory from other dealershipsthat go out of business to use it for charity or sponsorship. It may be last year’s model, but he gives away $1000of accessories such as a helmet, etc. Itis the slowest speed available and you must have a license for the bike. We mayend up paying up to $4000 for the Vespa. We discussed aboutdifferent colors for Vespa and their impact, how they change every year, howthey customized it for big events like pink for the breast cancer awarenesscampaign, etc. We decided to participate (if we can) in the 9th Ave foodfestival in May with a huge banner or real size cardboard Vespa to promote thefundPS51 campaign. He asked us to think about the color we would like sohe can look for what is available based on our preference. He asked PS51Facebook to like Vespa Brooklyn Facebook. He will provide bannersand help support the school as best he can. Ana Camacho stated that we have already raised $886 for theFamily Concert. We are launching the Go Fund Me Campaign at the FamilyConcert this Friday, March 20th. At the end of the meeting - Craig, Wendy, Ana Maria and AnaCamacho were still present – it was decided that we HAVE to give the $1000already approved and voted for in the budget for the graduation ceremony. Ana Camacho has spoken with a lot of parentsthis week and they have expressed their disappointment that the ceremony wouldonly be a cake, and that it was understood that all funds for graduation wouldhave to be covered by parents and by the talent show. Besides the cap & gown issue, ourcommitment with 5th grade was to cover ballroom dance (for thatspecifically we have been asking for $80). The PTA budgeted $1000 for theceremony. Parents were upset when theylearned the PTA was not giving that money. It was decided that no matter how the 5th grade parentsdecided to use the $1000 that we would give it. If we want to take it out itwould need to be voted on at a general meeting. The meeting was adjourned.