Executive Board Meeting Minutes 4-16-2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 4/16/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe Ana Camacho discussed signing up for the 9th Ave. Food Fair. Itis May 16th and 17th. We must have a permit from theHuman Resource Administration/Dept. of Social Services in order to solicitfunds. Roz will be downtown today and will try to visit the office at 180 WaterSt. and see if she can get the process started. Ana Camacho is handling theapplication for the booth which is separate from the permit to solicit funds.The PTA needs also to get a tax id. Orfind out if we already have one…Nancy stated she had a $500 check from the taxicompany to go to the campaign! There is going to be a drop box installeddownstairs so people can donate cash. The meeting was then officially called to order at 8:35am. Nancy stated that every year we have done ateacher/staff appreciation and this recognition day is coming up May 5th. It is in the budget for $1500 but needs to beplanned by the PTA. Nancy said we couldalso discuss this Monday at the SLT meeting. We need to organize help for theplanning of this day. Usually, it is a lunch. Everyone read the minutes to themselves and they were approved. Ana Camacho then gave the Treasurer’s report. She discussed the latest budget which has changed to reflect our goalsand is strictly for THIS year. We added $1,125 for Kid’s Project. It is unsure whether we will reach ourgoal. This causes the hiring of the PhysicalEducation teacher to be pending for next year. We cannot make a profit, but we can allocate our funds to be used forsomething specific for the next year. Roz wants to know what expenses we areactually committed to - what do we actually need to raise to cover absoluteexpenses – not the things we added for justification. Ana feels we can see where we end up at theend of the year and then make some decisions. Craig felt that we should atleast leave the fund with what we started, which is $23,000. We started to gothrough committed expenses. Nancy statedthat the school has already spent its budget and now has a $650 expense forFollett Renewal – the software the library uses to check out books. We decidedwe would cover it. The Vespa – Ana Camacho said we need to be very clear about the rules regardingthe raffle. First, we need to be clear with the owner of the Vespa that wedon’t pay him unless we meet our goal and are actually giving the Vespa away. This Vespa and extras will cost us max around$5000. We need to have an agreement in writing so we are not stuck if we don’tmake our goal. Roz will contact him. On the other hand the people whocontribute need to understand they are donating to our campaign and will have aCHANCE to win IF we reach our goal. Roz wants the campaign to continue until weget to the $30,000. Ana Camacho feels wemust have a deadline. Everyone feels itshould be the end of the school year. Ana says we must have a date and a disclaimer stating that the Vespawill not be raffled unless we reach our goal……Craig wants to know if there is a“secret” number that we could reach and still give the Vespa away….We set theVespa goal aside and continued to go over committed expenses and the deadlinesfor them…Ana C. feels that we should get a laptop instead of a cash register.Yuko’s credit card is currently set up to get charged for the annual webhosting fee. This needs to getfixed. Nancy stated that the Talent Showis moving to May 13th from 5:30-7:30. This is a half day forParental Engagement already. The Art benefit is now May 28th from6-8pm. Ana stated we are committed to $24,000 and we have raised $20,000. Inreality we are ok……fundps51 has currently raised $8911. We discussed includingthe $2000 raised for the Music Jam in the $30,000. Then we decrease our fundps51 goal to$28,000. The campaign will continue until the end of the year. It was decided that so long as we meet ourabsolute commitments and can also cover the cost of the Vespa we are good andcan give it away. If we don’t make it then it will mean less money is left overfor next year. We decided no matter what we are giving the Vespa away. We willgive it away at the end of the year party. We decided this would be on Friday June 19th. Now we canofficially say we are giving away the Vespa. We can ask parents to sell raffletickets. Roz stated the language used is important - that it is given as athank you for donating to our fundraiser. Nancy stated we must get volunteersfor all of these events – talent show, street fair, art benefit and end ofyear. How do we increase donations? We will have the Vespa Banner at the streetfair. Ana said 500 DVD’s will be readyin May. Roz wants to do a one week, every day live broadcast. Mother’s Day week, May 4th-8th on the roof. A few minutesevery day - include every classroom. Fund PS 51 live! May 7th from 11am – 1pm is teacher/staff appreciation day – AnaMaria is going to chair this event – salads and wraps. May 13th 5:30 – 7:30pm - Talent Show May 16th-17th – 9th Ave. Fair – all day – canuse school tax id May 28th from 6-8pm - Art Benefit June 19th from 5-7pm – Year End Party and Vespa Raffle – we willhave a committee meeting We must form a nominating committee. If they want to be on the PTA they cannotbe on the committee. Names were considered that could be on the committee andalso on the PTA. Ana stated we also needa budget committee. Craig feels that our current PTA can act as a budget committee.It was decided no budget committee. Meeting was adjourned.