PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes - 4/30/2015

April 30, 2015 PTAgeneral meeting – Minutes Themeeting was called to order by Craig Williams at 8:35am. Rozand Craig as 5th grade parents provided donuts! The minutes were handed out to be read andthen approved. Next,Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. We have reached the original goal ofraising $30,000 in total for theyear. Yay! She then presented the updated budget whichis for $45,000 based on our continuing goals for the fundps51 campaign. We have purchased a computer and for freewere able to upload the software for the budget so this can be passed down tofuture treasurers of our PTA. We also purchased a cash register so collectingmoney and giving receipts at various events will be easier. The biggest difference in the updated budgetis that IF we reach our goal of $30,000 with the fundps51 campaign we willemploy a Physical Education teacher for nextyear. We voted and 22 were in favor of approving the updated budget for this year and none opposed. Next month a budget will be developed andapproved for the 2015-2016 school year. NancySing Bock had not yet arrived so we then did the President’s Report. Roz said and big thank you to everyone’s hardwork. She stated that Nancy said we haveraised more money than any PTA so far. The fundps51 campaign has raised $12,521 so far and we are not doneyet. She showed how to share thefundps51 page with your social network and asked everyone to continue to dothat. The important thing is to keep thehype going. Elaine Keating was able toget a real story about our school and campaign printed in the W42nd StMagazine! A page was added to the schoolwebsite all about the different funding efforts and also the Vespa and therules/legalize regarding it. The testingis done so now we are working on the next push for the campaign. It will be Mother’s Day week, May 4-8. They are using Meer Cat and Periscope, whichare phone apps, to live stream kids talking about the school and thecampaign. Teachers are volunteering andfliers will go out to get people to tune in at a specific time. Nextwe spoke about SLT. We needed to nominate at least two parents tobe on this committee. It is a two yearcommitment and they meet once a month. KatherineConsuelo Johnson spoke about it. Shehas done it in the past and agreed to be nominated again along with Olivera Batrovic and Tonia Davis. The elections will be heldat the May Meeting. Nextup was the formation of the NominatingCommittee. This is a one monthcommitment to create nominees for the next PTA Executive Board. KatherineConsuelo Johnson, Fernando Pons and Olivera Batrovic agreed to be on thiscommittee. They will meet with Giselle after to set a date to meet next week.At the May meeting the nominees will be presented and the vote will be held inJune. Theteacher/staff appreciation lunch is May 7th and Ana Camacho saidthey are all set for that.
TheTalent Show is May 13th and volunteers are need to facilitate theevening- tickets and such. Ana Camacho,Shelby McKay, Connor McKay (alumni), Chrissy Collins and Olivera Batrovicagreed to help. The9th Avenue Food Fair is the weekend of May 16th and 17th. A sign-up sheet was passed around tovolunteer for time slots to be at the booth. We need to purchase a canopy ($100) and rent an electric generator($150) to run the computer, etc. We have a life size banner of the Vespa andwill promote with giveaways of the Family Concert DVD. This is a great opportunity for people in thecommunity to hear about our school and to contribute to our cause/enter theraffle for the Vespa. It was suggestedto bring our kids to show their talents and also to have some sort of “Spin theWheel” game. Nancythen arrived from a breakfast where she spoke to a large group of principalsthis morning. She thanked the PTA andparents for their hard work. She also talked about the testing being complete. Shementioned that May 13th is a full day, not a half day, ofschool. On that same day there will beParental Engagement from 4:30-5:30 and then the Talent Show from5:30-7:30. Auditions for the Talent Showare tomorrow morning first thing. Therewill be three PreK classes next year – we are not sure how many Kindergartensyet – and 2 of each of the other grades. Several teachers are on Maternityleave and will not be returning. It is complicated because they are allowed afive year extension and their place must be held for them. There will likely bea 5th grade graduation meeting next year.
TheArt Benefit is May 28th and volunteers will be needed for that aswell. Lastly,Ana explained the Vespa thank you raffle process. The DVD manufacturing, postage and envelopescost will be donated by the company she works for! We will build a raffledatabase starting May 1st and each donor will receive the DVD andthank you postcard. An email will be sent to each donor about their entry inraffle, with raffle details attached. The deadline to enter the raffle is June 17th at 11:59pm. Themeeting was adjourned at 9:45am.