Executive Board Meeting Minutes 5/14/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 5/14/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:34am.

Leslie handed out the minutes and they were approved.

Next, Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. The numbers are great! Regardingthe part-time physical education teacher is was discussed that perhaps we couldcontinue to raise money until we can afford it rather than spend any extra wehave on something else. In other words,we will earmark it for the 2016-2017 year if not next year. Nancy mentionedthat in hiring a teacher the money has to be funneled through an organizationso it is a little more complicated. Shewill look into what is needed. Next onher wish list after a phys-ed teacher would be a part-time foreign languageteacher. Nancy also mentioned that this year’s PTA has raised more money thanany PTA so far. Thanks to Craig and Rozfor their bold plan! The teacher/staff luncheon was a huge success. We went a little over on the actual budget but not really over what wehad allowed ourselves. We have bought agenerator and canopy for the street fair, so we will always have this for thefuture. Craig bought new tables so wenow have 6 tables that work. The Bannerthat was provided for the Vespa was a little smaller than we expected so wewill jazz it up with some balloons. We looked at creating next year’s budget. In terms of income we are removing the movie night, snack sales and thespring carnival. In the fall we will have Box Tops, Direct Appeal, Picture Dayand Book Fair. After the New Year we will continue box tops and direct appealefforts. In the spring we will have the FamilyConcert and whatever Major fundraising campaign the PTA chooses to do. Withtesting, Talent Show and Year End activities this is enough to focus on. We arenot really changing the expenses except Nancy would like to add something call“Mindfulness”. It helps with focus and she was considering it for the 1stand 2nd grade. This expense would be around $2000. We can move numbers around to fit thisin. Especially considering Story Pirateswill not be as much because it will not be holding a balance from this year.

Next we discussed the Year End Celebration. Leslie Hendricks and Chrissy Collins will co-chair. The date for this is June 19th. We changed the time to 4:30 – 7:00 becauseNancy has another event she must attend that evening. She will need to leave around 5:30pm. Nancy will do acknowledgments of volunteers at5pm and the raffle will be at 6:30.

The Art Benefit is handled by the school. We are providing our cash register for use.

We went back to the Street Fair which is this coming weekend. We decided against the spinning wheel becauseit is too expensive to do it properly. Ana Camacho discussed table set up andfliers. We will have fliers about theschool in a strong effort to generate enrollment. There will be two people at the booth - oneto talk and one to run the cash register. We also need kids to give out bottles of bubbles. We need more volunteers! Giselle will help Ana with this. There willbe a video running showing all the great things about the school. The school is open on the weekend so set upand breakdown people can get in and out. The meeting was adjourned at 9:20am.