PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes 5-21-2015

May 21, 2015, PTAgeneral membership meeting – Minutes The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by CraigWilliams. The minutes were read andapproved. Ana Camacho then gave the budget report. We have raised so far this year$32,625.81! Nancy stated this was themost money any PTA had raised so far. Wehave almost reached 50% of our Crowdrise Campaign Goal. The Arts Benefit is on Thursday, May 28thand the money raised at that will be added to our Campaign Goal. Nancy discussed that cluster teachers arefunded by PTA’s and that if we could reach our goal we could hire a part-timePhysical Education teacher. Also, thelarger a school is the more funds it would receive and even though we are inthis new building we have not expanded all that much. City Knoll is vacatingthe 5th Floor and we had to fight hard to make sure another charterschool (which lowers our attendance) doesn’t go in there. The city is going toexpand its universal pre-K program and that is what is going on the 5thfloor, but it will not be a part of our school. PS 51 is personally going to have 3 pre-Ks next year. The 9th Ave. Street Fair did raisea little money, but perhaps more importantly it raised awareness of how greatour school is and that we are here! Andnow we also own a lovely canopy and an electric generator. A parent asked if there are other fairs. Ana stated that another parent had mentionedthe 44th St. fair, but this one is more like a flea market and ifyou are not selling anything it is not really the right venue. Next was the Principal’s report. Nancy said there is a lot going on andeveryone should have gotten a schedule for their specific grade about all ofthe activities. Both in reading and maththe students are learning to reflect on what they’ve learned. The 4th grade science test istoday. We will receive the results ofthe State Tests in June. Our newChancellor has changed it so the results of these tests are not the sum totalof each child. The teacher also does aportfolio of their work and promotion is also strongly based on that. For students who receive a level 1 (belowgrade level) or level 2 (approaching grade level) the teacher can present thisportfolio which will be considered in the final decision regarding promotion. Achild may still go to summer school where again at the end of that a portfoliowill be created to see if the child is promoted to the next grade level. Cathy added that children with IEPs have amodified criteria for promotion that is specific to each child/IEP. Nancy spoke about pre-K parents and the HomeLanguage Survey. Ms. Chapman is there tohelp guide parents through this process so that kids that are not ESL don’t endup mandated for ESL, which can be very hard to get removed. Nancy spoke aboutthe Parental Engagement and the Talent Show and how wonderful a night itwas. Monday is Professional Developmentwhere the teachers and staff work to improve their own skills. Nancy spoke about how having a good commandof oral language leads to better writing. Next Roz gave the President’s report. She gave a big thank you to everyone who hashelped this year. We are in the homestretch of our campaign. As a last effort they would like to do a thank youcampaign with the kids - thanking people for giving and also saying it’s nottoo late! She sent out an email thatpeople could copy and paste to do the same thing. She mentioned you could do thethank you video with your own child. Next was Health & Safety. Cathy Myers-Jusko mentioned it’s important tokeep things locked! Also we have a punchlist of things that still need to be accomplished. Turner was the contractorwho built our new school and they still have not completed the job. Turner washired by the School Construction Authority. We are still fighting for hardware– Nancy doesn’t have a master key – and we have not been handed the certificateof occupancy. On another note, the school nurse has given the BMIreport and there is a serious concern regarding the kids being overweight,especially in the older grades. A parenttalked about how kids outside the city got P.E. every day. Hence, our desperate need for a physicaleducation teacher! Maria does actuallydo a fitness gram every year for the kids and the results of that are comingout soon. Next, we voted for the 2 open spaces for SLT. Chrissy and Sharon have one more year. ThePTA president is automatically a member so Shelby McKay is likely to bethat person when Craig leaves. We neededtwo more. Katherine Consuelo Johnsonwas the only nominee from last month’s meeting who was present and CarolMejia also agreed to fill a spot. Weheld a vote and 25 (all) voted in favor. Roz mentioned the Arts Benefit is on 5/28 and theEnd of Year Celebration with Vespa Raffle is June 19th. Next the nominating committee (just Katherine waspresent) presented the interested parties for the PTA Board vote which willtake place on June 18th. Therewas much movement but eventually we had Shelby McKay and Martina Grenfor co-Presidents, Martharis Berroa for VP, Chrissy Collins forSecretary and Leslie Hendricks and Annette Calderon forco-Treasurer. Others may step up but this is what we have for now. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.