Executive Board Meeting Minutes 6/11/2015

Executive BoardMeeting Minutes for 6/11/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

Prior to the meeting being called to order it was discussed the need for a“transfer meeting” once the new boards is elected. We will need to do this the week of the 22ndsome time. The meeting was called to order at 8:35am.

Leslie handed out the minutes and they were approved.

Next, Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. First we talked about the proposedbudget for next year. Ana set the budgetfor $35,000 as she felt that was reasonable and could always be increased bythe next board. The $17,000 for the part time Physical Education teacher, whois going to be Mr. Mejia, is coming from money raised this year. This must be paid to Nancy before the end ofthe year and be stated as “discretionary funds for PS 51”. The first change made to the proposed budgetfor the next school year is that Nancy would like to change the expense for“New Perspective Theatre” to “Cultural Performances”. She is looking at optionsof what to fill this spot with. The 2ndchange is that Linda Rosenthal from the State Assembly has decided to fund our“Mindfulness” program so we can re allocate that $2000 to Part time teacher forthe next year. At the raffle for the Vespa, Ana will give the total raised forthe year. It was discussed that we nolonger have a computer lab, but Nancy stated that the library was available toparents and students in the afternoon to parents who need to make use of them. Also, each class has laptops for studentuse. Next year’s budget was approved. Regarding this year’s current P & L, receipts are stillcoming in. Ms. Perez has spent herbudget and her receipts are forthcoming. The majority of the fund raising expenses will show up at the end withthe Vespa raffle. The board, after muchdiscussion, has voted to give an extra $250 to peer mediation and an extra $250to 5th grade graduation. Itwas stated that next year, the PTA will agree on an amount, currently $1000, togive to Nancy for discretionary use for the 5th grade graduationactivities and that no more will be given. There will no discussion about the PTA funding any extra plans or ideasand that if there is not enough money to cover what the 5th gradeparents want to do they will have to raise the money themselves. Roz suggested that we should make a change tothe by-laws creating a limit to what percentage of a PTA budget can go to funda “party” for any one grade. Next we discussed the Year End Celebration on June 19th. Nancy made sure we had a list of parents whowere being recognized for their volunteer activities. Roz wants to get everyone together to shoot areally big “Thank You” shot for the campaign. Chrissy and Leslie are organizing some bubbles and sidewalk chalk forthe kids to play with. Giselle reachedout to the Hot Dog Vendor. For now weare only sure he is bringing water and other beverages, etc. We are gettingresponses back from parents who will bring food and volunteer their time. Giselle suggested the flier for next week’s general membershipmeeting state that she will be doing the raffle for the school survey. Thatshould help get plenty of people there for the vote. A new picture company has been decided on for next year andthe date is set for Friday, November 6, 2015. It is with the Irvin Simon Company and our contact is MichelleCanty. Her email is michelle@irvinsimon.com and hernumber is 800-540-4701 x220. Nancy mentioned we are losing the PTA room and would need torelocate our things. The 3rdKindergarten class is moving in there.We are also getting a PreK center on the 5th floor. We have set a date to celebrate as a board on the evening ofFriday, June 26th! Ana discussed how the raffle for the Vespa would proceed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 with some people stayingto discuss the Vespa raffle.