PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes 6/18/2015

June 18, 2015, PTAgeneral membership meeting – Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:37am by CraigWilliams.

The minutes were read and approved.

The Nominating Committee, led by KatherineConsuelo-Johnson, then presented the nominees for next year’s executiveboard. Shelby Mckay and MartineGren for co-President, Sarah and Jim Ireland for co-vice President, LeslieHendricks and Odette Manzano for co-Treasurer and Chrissy Collinsfor Secretary. Ballots were passed out and then collected. Fernando Pons gavethe results - 42 voted in favor of the new board and none were opposed.

Nancy then gave the Principal’s Report. She thanked the current PTA Executive Boardfor all their hard work and great fundraising. She also thanked the NominatingCommittee for their work in developing a new board. She then thanked theSLT. Chrissy and Sharon have one moreyear. Katherine Consuelo Johnson andCarol Mejia are joining as well as our new co-President, Shelby McKay! Nancy spoke about the Comprehensive Education Planfor the DOE that is due tomorrow. It islike a guide for next year – what our goals are, etc. Only one child received a level 1 thisyear! That child will be attendingsummer school. This summer there will bea Wing Span Arts Camp on the 4th floor of the school building.

Next, Ana Camacho gave the Treasurer’s report. She went over the current budget. We decided to update FundPS51 with the totalamount raised by the PTA so everyone can see what a great year we’ve had. Last year $22,000 was raised in total andthis year we so far have raised $37,600! The FundPS51 campaign was a huge success and we doubled our efforts indirect appeal. As far as expenses areconcerned, receipts are still coming in and $17,000 will be given to Nancy for“discretionary funds” for the PE teacher. We then went over the proposed budget. The suggested budget is for $35,000. Shelby noted that only $12,000 is set asidefor the PE teacher and she is right if we want to continue to have this teacherwe will need to adjust the budget next year to raise $5000 more or re-allocatefunds. It was felt that $35,000 wasreasonable and this year’s board didn’t want to pressure next year’s board butnext year the new board can adjust the budget and put it up for vote. This “suggested” budget was approved.

Next, Roz and Craig gave the co-President’sreport. They basically said a big “ThankYou” to everyone for all of their help and support. They couldn’t have done it alone. And we thanked them for their courage andcreativity in finding something new.

We briefly discussed the end of year party to makesure everything was in order.

Nancy announced that Ms. Perez had won the Big AppleTeacher Award!

We set a date for the Transfer Meeting of theExecutive Board. It will be at 8:15am onThursday, 6/25.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:27am.

Some stayed to help Ana with the upcoming VespaRaffleJ