PTA meeting minutes, September 29, 2016

PTA meeting minutes

Sept 29,2016

  The meeting was called to order at 8.25am by SarahIreland (Co-President).

Sarah outlined the PTA’s two main goals for theyear:

1.       Buildcommunity

2.       Raisefunds for programs outside main school funding, e.g. sports and arts.

  The previous PTA meeting minutes were read andapproved.

  Nancy Sing-Bock (Principal) explained the SchoolLeadership Team (SLT); made up of teachers, parents and administrators, the SLTcreates an educational plan for the school and leads on matters such as newcommittees and opportunities for parents to contribute to the enrichment of thePS 51 community.

  Treasurer’sreport: Leslie Hendricks, Co-Treasurer

This year the PTA’s goal is to raise $40,000 forexpenses listed in the budget. The 2016-2017 budget was discussed. Leslieexplained that $20,000 is kept in the bank as a cushion for emergencies andcash flow for the beginning of the year, and is not included as generalspending in the budget.

  Veritas Studio Wines (on 45th St between10th and 11th Aves) donates 10% of sales to the school –just say you’re a PS 51 parent when buying. Purchases around the end of last school year and over the summer raised $299for the school.

  PS 51 PTA has applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit/taxexemption status.  If approved, the PTAwill be able to receive tax-deductible contributions.  The $400 of Office Supplies in September 2016expenses was for 501(c)(3) application costs. Lorena said this should be movedto Fundraising Expenses.

  The budget was approved: 57 in favor, 0 not infavor, 1 abstention.

  Principal’sreport: Nancy Sing-Bock

Nancy outlined the main educational partnerships ofPS 51, e.g. Art Farm, Rosie’s Theater Kids (listed in a handout sent home with kids).

  Throughout September, teachers have been academicallyassessing each student.  Nancy will meet witheach teacher to work out which children need more support or more challenges.  Progress meetings occur four times a year.


Direct Appeal letters (formerly called PTA Dues)will be distributed in backpacks next week. The Direct Appeal asks families to give what they can, with a suggesteddonation of $100 per family; some families give more. Monthly payments can beset up through the PS 51 website.  Checks/cashcan be dropped in the PTA drop box next to the office entrance.  The class that raises the most money inOctober wins a pizza party.  Parents areasked to please include their name, child’s name and class on donations; the formto be included is at the bottom of the letter to go out next week.

  A parent asked if Leslie could post weekly budgetupdates on the school website.

  Class Parents– Alicia Penning (Class Parents Chair)

Class Parents will have three main tasks:

1.       Facilitatecommunications between class and teachers

2.       Coordinateparent volunteers for field trips etc.

3.       Recruitvolunteers for school events.

  This year it has been harder to recruit classparents for the older grades.  Aliciaasked for volunteers for these grades.

  PTAfundraisers 2016/2017

1.       Pictureday – November 4th

2.       ScholasticBook Fair – week of December 5th

3.       SpringCarnival – June 17th.  Thiswill be a block party open to the neighborhood. Local vendors will provide food and there will be games, a bouncycastle, cotton candy, face painting etc. The goal is to raise $13,500.

  A parent asked if the school had consideredfundraising auctions.  Sarah replied thatit had been done in the past and can be a good fundraiser, but the PTA has not heldone for the past few years because it is a tremendous amount of work for thefew people involved.

  A parent asked about having a school dance tofundraise for the school dance classes.

  Sarah said it is great to receive ideas forfundraising and we would love parents to be more involved.  The PTA can hold only three main fundraisers peryear.  If a parent would like to takeownership of a fundraising project for a specific school program, the PTA couldprovide advice and support but could not be directly involved.


Sarah called for volunteers for positions of Co-Secretary,Co-Treasurer and Co-President. 

  Giselle Leon (Parent Coordinator) asked for twoparents to volunteer for the Title 1 committee. Title 1 is federal funding foreconomically disadvantaged children.  ThePrincipal decides where the money goes and the committee votes to decide overtwo meetings.

  Schoolwebsite and social media

Nancy asked parents to like and share PS 51 postson social media.  If the school can gain moreof a social media presence, a corporation may sponsor a school program when thePTA gains non-profit status.

  Sarah Ireland motioned to adjourn the meeting;adjourned at 9.25am.