PTA Executive Board 2014-2015

Co Presidents: Rosalyn Williams & Craig T. Williams

Co Vice Presidents: Ana Aquino & Wendy Turner

Co Treasurers: Ana Lorena Camacho,  Odette Manzano

Co Secretaries: Leslie Hendricks,  Marnie Corrigan

PTA Executive Board governs the PTA according to its accepted bylaws and consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These PTA positions can be shared by more than one person to lighten the load.

The Executive Board’s duties and responsibilities are: 

President or Co-Presidents preside at all PTA meetings and appoint chairpersons for all committees with final approval from the executive board: delegates responsibilities to the other PTA members and encourages participation in all parent and school activities; attends all meetings of the district president’s council and is a core member of the school leadership team; meets regularly with executive board members to plan agendas for general membership meetings; is a signatory on checks.

Vice-Presidents or Co-Vice Presidents assist the president and assume the president’s duties in his/her/their absence or at his/her/their request; is a signatory on checks. 

Recording Secretary or Co-Secretaries maintain the official record (minutes) of the meetings; prepare notices, agendas, sign-in sheets and materials distributed; maintain copies and records on site; review and respond to correspondence addressed to the PTA.

Treasurer or Co-Treasurers are responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the association; maintain records of all income and expenditures by the PTA on school premises; is a signatory on checks; makes available financial records for viewing by members upon request for audit; discuss present budget during May meeting; prepare a proposed budget for next year for adoption by the membership at the June meeting.

The PTA has monthly Executive Board meetings and monthly General meetings.