School Leadership Team Meeting



The School Leadership Team (SLT) at P.S.51 discusses school matters including new committees and opportunities for parents to contribute to the enrichment of the P.S.51 community! The SLT are inviting parents to volunteer to help during our daily breakfast and lunch times, as there is a great need for wide-ranging supervision during those times. We are also in need of parent volunteers to help in the library for checking out/re-shelving books! To get involved, please e-mail our Parent Coordinator, Giselle Leon at, or call the school at 212-315-7160. We greatly appreciate your help in enhancing our student’s daily experience here at P.S.51 and remember, your children LOVE to see you helping in their school!!

The SLT will meet once a month during the school year, and look forward to giving another update in the next newsletter!