Mom Joins The Mighty Milers

I have recently completed my first ever Marathon - the NYC marathon on Nov 2nd 2014. I was therefore thrilled to learn that PS51 have a partnership with the New York Road Runners in their Mighty Milers program. It is a fabulous program designed to get kids moving and to prevent obesity and illness. It helps kids build their self esteem while learning to make and reach personal goals. I know how excited I was as I saw my mileage adding up and reaching and exceeding each goal I made. I can can only imagine how wonderful this would be for our children in PS51. 

There are currently 30 children from grade 3 and above enrolled in the program that meets once a week. I volunteered with them last week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, watching how enthusiastic these kids are running and keeping fit. They took the instructions seriously from their teacher Ms Conway and really tried hard to run keeping their pace steady or sprinting when directed. They excitedly discussed their recent race and upcoming races.

I hope to help out weekly and will certainly be cheering from the sidelines at any races they compete in. Come along and cheer for the PS51 kids keeping fit and reaching their goals!

For more information on the Mighty Milers program please click on the below link