How to Overcome a Disaster And Be Strong for Public School 51 (The Elias Howe School)


                                                                                                                January 13, 2015

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy arrived at Far Rockaway, New York and destroyed the area.  My twin sons Isaiah Davis-Joyner,  Josaiah Davis-Joyner and myself Tonia Davis, resided in Far Rockaway since April 2009.  Since, Hurricane Sandy destroy Far Rockaway, our lives have changed over the last two years.  We had to relocate to various locations in Queens, Bronx and Manhattan.  The children had to relocate to another school Public School 51 in Yorkville, NY.  The children enjoy their Arts, Music and Learning Academics, with the support of special educators, teachers and therapists in their classrooms.  Josaiah Davis-Joyner is graduating this year of June 2015 and Isaiah Davis-Joyner next year of June 2016.  If, they could extend the school to eighth grade because of the good and continuously support  I received from staff members, during my family crisis. We are going to miss you all dearly!