Hell's Kitchen Family Gets Misty Eyed At School Performances

We have been PS 51 parents since 2007, when our first son started Kindergarten in the quaint old building on 45th street. We didn't know then how lucky we were to have such a fabulous zoned school. Despite the confines of a single lunchroom/gym/performance space, the teachers, parents, and administration made great things happen there, creating a real sense of community and closeness. In those years, the teachers, staff, and administration incubated a unique model of what an outstanding school should be. Now, with a new building and space, we have even more opportunities to cultivate and develop that model to more fully foster and integrate the arts and music programs into students' everyday learning.

The arts and music teachers Shani Perez and Katie Traxler always manage to creatively connect the arts with the curriculum in dynamic ways, working in close collaboration with talented teachers. This focus on arts education would not be possible without the strong commitment and leadership of principal Nancy Sing-Bock. Integrating the arts into the fabric of learning makes students excel academically as well as creatively and emotionally. We've seen that with our own kids and have experienced moments of great pride and awe during performances of the PS 51 student body--be it the Orff and Recorder Ensembles, fashion show, tap and ballroom dancing, PS 51 Chorus, plays, Recorder Ensemble, or through art on display at the annual Arts Showcase/Benefit. PS 51's Blackboard Award as an outstanding school is well-deserved and long overdue! Congrats to all!

Leslie Preston and Tosh Anderson
Parents of Milo (3rd grader) and Mac (alum '13)