Music Videos from The One and Only Katie Traxler.

Dear Parents of PS 51,

I have put up several new videos over the last 2 months of our adventures in the music room. Please feel free to watch some of the videos with your child and talk about their experiences! Many of the projects from their report cards are included below. More videos are coming soon. Feel free to share these videos with your friends and family and encourage them to donate to our fundraising campaign at<>. :)

Kindergarten: Tap Dance Catechis<>
(still waiting on some video release permissions slips before posting online- safety first)

First Grade: Grandma's Gumbo<> (Class 1-205)
(More video from 1st grade coming soon)

Second Grade:
Rhythmic Compositions <>
Nyangara African Folktale Class 2-202<>
Nyangara African Folktale Class 2-201<>
Tap Dance Class 2-202<>

Third Grade: Too Much Talk Musical Play Performance

Fourth Grade: Shape Shifting Piece

(Fifth Grade Esperanza Rising Project Coming Soon...)

After School Groups
Ukulele Class

Violin and Cello Mini Concert from Feb

Orff Ensemble Master Class with Toya on Improvisation

Friday Night Music Jam Concert Videos- March 20
Part 1 (Parents)

Part 2

Make It Happen


Mrs. T

Katie Toups Traxler