Executive Board Transfer Meeting Minutes - 6/25/2015

Executive Board TransferMeeting Minutes for 6/25/2015 at P.S. 51 Elias Howe

The meeting was called to order at 8:27am.

The current and new board introduced themselves. Regarding Ballots – the actual ballots do not have to betransferred. There is a form that needsto be filled out – Giselle will facilitate – and sent to Jennifer Greenblatt tostate the new board members and the vote count that elected them. There is also a form for the final budgetnumbers that Lorena and Giselle will take care of. Leslie handed over her Secretary Folder and flash drive toChrissy to use as a template for the next year. They will meet at a later dateif necessary to go over the folder. Leslie will bring Susan Dominguez’s folder from the previous year tofile at the school.
Lorena Camacho handed over the Treasurer Laptop and folderwith all receipts to Leslie to use as a template for the next year. Lorena and Leslie will meet later in thesummer to go over the software and passwords on the computer and the method forkeeping records and creating receipts. She also handed over the checkbook whichcurrently contains check #1496 - #1764 – more than enough. Lorena went over the final budget for our school year. She added the additions from the website. The Crowdrise Campaign will close onJune 30th as the new board goes into effect on July 1st. Lorena also added the credit for ScholasticBooks that were redeemed. We raised nearly $40,000! Looking at the budget oncethe final payments for things for this year and next year are made, we willstart the year with approximately $17,000. Last year we started with 22K but we inherited some payments so inactuality we will start with approx. the same amount of funds. Leslie agreed to put her cc on file to be used for online payments nextyear. It had been Lorena this year.Lorena spoke about the importance of entering donations and immediatelycreating a receipt and a thank you. Shealso spoke about the donation of the Vespa not being exactly what we thought –maybe next year we can find another way. It was discussed that we should invite Jennifer Greenblattto our first Executive Board meeting next year. We discussed the possibility ofbecoming a non-profit organization. Nancy handed out copies of the schedule for next year to berecorded by everyone in their own calendar. She discussed the need formaterials to be in Chinese as well next year. Jim and Sarah had an idea, andagreed to take on, having a Cultural Committee that drew parents of allcultures to help us reach out to our diverse community. Roz then spoke about needing to switch ownership of theinternet accounts. Shelby agreed to takeownership so that none of our sites “go dead”. Roz will take care of making this switch and Shelby spoke of the need tocreate a helping committee to manage the different sites. There is the school web site, the Crowdriseweb site will be shut down, the PTA email, mail chimp – the pay pal, bank andtreasurer’s email will be worked out between Lorena and Leslie when Lorenareturns from her trip. Craig discussed making the badges for the new PTA and he will send a templateif he has one. He talked about the roomand the keys and Nancy promptly reminded us that we would be moving from 207 to203. This will handled shortly. Roz said she make “how to” videos for maintain the web site. Picture day is November 6th, 2015 and Leslie willspeak with Regina at Scholastic about the Book Fair being December 7thto 11th. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35am